Creative Bioscience 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

I’ve had six kids. Two of my own and four (including a set of twins) for others as a surrogate. I figure, over all, I gained about 10 lbs per child. Last year I lost 30 and gained back 10. I now weigh 157 lbs and need to weigh about 125. (I’m only 5’1″)

But losing weight has always been quite difficult for me. Oh, sure, I could blame a slow metabolism. Or I could blame the fact that I had 90% of my thyroid removed due to a benign cyst (but my hormone levels don’t require me to take medication for it). I actually eat fairly healthy most of the time. And, yes, I probably could get more exercise (I’ll call it an occupational hazard of working too much online.)

Whatever the case, I really need to lose 35 more lbs, and though I had some great success last year with the first 30, I plateaued and gave up. (Sound familiar?)

But this year is different. I have been chosen to participate in the Creative Bioscience 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge, and they are looking for other bloggers (with traffic) to do so as well. (Is this you? Fill out the form here.)

They are sending me a 90-day supply of their hCG 1234® Premier Diet Drops and I’m going to tell you exactly what happens. The hCG drops are designed to help the extra stored fat become more mobile and leave your body. That’s what I need. I’ve got lots of little annoying pockets of fat that really need to pack up and take a hike.

I’m really excited to try it! Actually, my husband (who needs to lose a whole lot more than 30lbs) is quite jealous that I’m getting to try this program! Will keep you posted.



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