Creative Bioscience 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge – Update

In November, I told you about starting the Creative Bioscience 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge. I’ve had my ups and downs over the last 90-days, and I wanted to let you know about my progress.

1. The Drops – I got the hCG 1234® Premier Diet Drops from Creative Bioscience for my challenge.  The drops themselves are pleasant tasting, and if you sit them out on the counter, easy to remember to take.  I got off to a good start, following the diet to the “t”.  If you are familiar with an hCG diet, basically, you reduce your caloric intake to very little calories per day while on it, using the drops to help suppress hunger, with the idea that your body will use your stored fat.  I will tell you, taking the Creative Bioscience drops did suppress hunger quite nicely! It took about a week for it to kick in, but by then I simply wasn’t that hungry.

2. The Loss – I lost about 5 lbs during the first week or so on my 90-day challenge.  But then something happened: Thanksgiving.  Of course, I had the idea that I would just go off the diet for that one day, perhaps waiting until Christmas to go off for one more day.  But then that night I came down with the flu bug and ended up spending Black Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) in bed, and by the time Monday came around, I could really have cared less about my weight loss goals.

3. The Lesson – Don’t start a new diet during the holiday season! Seriously! Just plan on not being a glutton and wait until January comes around to attack your weight loss goals.

4. The Plan – I gained back those 5 lbs.  (Expected, I know).  Now I’m ready to tackle it again.  I really liked the product and the support from Creative Bioscience.  Its more of a community than it is a company, which is refreshing! You feel like you really get to know Cyndi, the social media maven over at Creative Bioscience, as you look to the website for advice during your journey.  I’ll be getting back on the wagon (I can’t remember, do we want to be on or off the wagon? That saying always confuses me.) If you’d like to join me, head on over to Creative Bioscience.

Why did your last diet not work out? Was it you? Was it the diet? Share!



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