Mommy and Toddler Groups

Motherhood is a great balancing act. We have to somehow manage running our households, doing our jobs, and fostering/maintaining several different types of relationships. All at the same time. One question that many first time moms is “How do I bond with my child without losing myself or keeping them from developing relationships outside of ours?”. It can definitely be a struggle. We worry about whether they are being socialized properly. We also bemoan the fact that most of our conversations are held with a person that may not be able to walk, let alone talk. One thing that can address all of this is a mommy and toddler group.

Mommy and toddler groups are a great way for you to spend some quality time with your child. However, they also have two added bonuses:

1. Your child will be able to be around other children his or her age and experience new things.

2. You will have the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other moms. This new circle of friends could provide you with a ton of support and entertainment.

There are a wide variety of groups in existence. All it takes is a little research to find them Most library branches offer programs geared towards young children. As do a lot of community centers, daycare centers, and churches. You can also find a lot of local groups online through a quick Google search. Here are some more great resources for locating mommy and toddler groups in your area:

You could even start p a group of your own and spread the word by posting flyers and posting online. The range of activities varies greatly. You could go on big group outings, attend events, or just hang out at each other’s homes or the park. Whatever you choose to do, you and your child are sure to enjoy the bonding opportunities, the activities, and the extra company.



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