7 Profitable Extra Income from Home Sources to Consider

Stay-at-home moms hardly ever get a break. However, you wouldn’t know it from their paycheck. Time magazine reveals that the average stay-at-home mom works about 94 hours each week, with tasks including cleaning, cooking, laundry, and teaching. This adds up to over two full-time jobs! In theory, stay-at-home moms should earn about $113,000 per year, but they actually earn nothing.

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So, how can stay-at-home moms make extra income from home without having to find a babysitter? There are many ways to do this, especially in this digital era. Here are seven ways to extra income from home.

Reasons a Stay-at-Home Mom Would Want to Earn Extra Income from Home

Many stay-at-home moms struggle with feeling powerless over the finances in their house. Some are emotionally torn when they are faced with the decision of spending family money on themselves.

A personal purchase, such as new clothes or a dinner out with friends almost feels like taking away from the family. This leads many to feel as if they must justify their needs and everything they spend money on. This can result in feelings of both guilt and resentment.

Stay-at-home moms may also feel underappreciated for all of the hard work they do since they do not contribute to the family financially. If they are able to bring in some money for themselves, however, they would be able to treat themselves without feeling any guilt.

So how can stay-at-home moms set aside some money for themselves in a way that relieves any tension in the house or personal emotional battles? Here are seven ways to earn extra income from home.

7 Ways to Earn Extra Income from Home

1. Sell Online

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While taking the time to have a garage sale may not leave you with a lot of extra money, selling the things you no longer use online can not only get you some money but also help to declutter the house. Consider using sites such as Ebay, Craigslist, or even local Facebook groups to sell things that you no longer use.

If you are crafty, set up an Etsy account and sell your crafts to people online. People look for all kinds of things, so whatever you specialize in likely has a market out there somewhere.

2. Rent Your Clothes Online

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If you have some nice clothes that you don’t often wear, you can actually rent them out. Web sites such as Loanables and RentNotBuy are a great place to start. This is a great way to earn extra income from home without having to do much work.

3. At-Home Daycare

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If you are already home with your own children, start your own small business of an in-house daycare. These are very sought out because many parents want their children to have more one-on-one attention than they might find at a daycare.

Starting a daycare requires a certification in most states, but even just taking care of one child can earn you a large amount of extra income from home. This will still allow you to spend the day with your own children, and possibly provide your child with a playmate!

4. Dog Walker

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Many people who work all day worry about their dogs having to spend eight or more hours cooped up in the house. Websites like DogVacay or Care.com allow you to create your own profile and name the services you offer. Perhaps someone just down the street from you needs their dog walked each day; this could be a great thing to do with your children while you are staying at home with them.

You can also offer to pet sit while people are out of town. This is a great way to earn extra income from home because you can set your own limits on services, set your price, and set your own hours.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

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You can actually work for someone else from your own home. Virtual assistances are hired to do a number of things, including checking and responding to emails, making travel arrangements, and doing research online.

This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms who have previously worked in an office setting and already know the ropes on how to impress their boss. Once in high demand, virtual assistants can make significant money on their own hours.

6. Get Money Back for Previous Purchases

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Did you know you can actually get refunded for things that you have already purchased and used? Apps such as Paribus allow you to find out if stores you have purchased merchandise from online owe you a refund. It links to your email account and goes through your receipts. If the app finds that a retailer has dropped the price of the item, they file a claim for you for a price adjustment.

This is a great passive way to earn a bit of extra income if you do not have the time to put into doing a lot of work.

7. Start a Blog

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Many people keep blogs, so why not get paid for doing so? You can get paid through advertisements, affiliate sales, and endorsement deals just for writing about whatever you love. If you have a certain passion for something or you are particularly good at something that you want to share, start a blog about it.

There are many ways to earn some extra money at home for stay-at-home moms. You have to consider what works best for your schedule and what you might enjoy doing and then try it out! The good thing is, if you do not like it, you can move on to try something else.

What experiences have you had with earning money from home? Share with the other readers so they can benefit from your thoughts and opinions.

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