Top 7 Best Stay at Home Mom Apps that Every Mom Needs

Most people would agree that today’s world is incredibly complex. Luckily, at the same time, modern technology has given us amazing things that can alleviate our daily burden by a great deal. Being literally at the tips of our fingers, software programs such as smartphone apps can help us face quotidian problems more successfully. For that reason, there are specialized apps that cater to different needs. Without a doubt, everyday life can get difficult for everyone, including stay at home moms.

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Stay at home mom apps provide their users with services that, in a nutshell, help keep things organized around the house, particularly regarding the kids. Even though there are many useful ones in the market, this guide will focus on providing a well-rounded, comprehensive selection of apps that will help stay at home moms with all the different aspects of their noble occupation.

The Top 7 Stay at Home Mom Apps

Before going into the recommendations, it’s important to note that these apps are no replacement for patience, good judgment, attention, and love. Instead, they should be used in a complementary fashion to these important attributes. That said, it’s safe to say good stay at home mom apps can make your family life easier and more enjoyable. Without further ado, here are some of the most useful stay at home mom apps on the market:

1. Budget Touch

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No matter their level of income, all stay at home moms know how important it is to stay within a budget. However, amid the controlled chaos of routine family life, it’s easy to lose your grip on every single spending. That is where a sharp piece of software such as Budget Touch comes in.

This great app helps you keep track of all your spending. In order to do so, it organizes them by putting each one in a separate virtual envelope. It also provides users with options for calculating percentages, balancing accounts and organize your transactions by month, quarter or year.

2. Home Routines

Successful people from all walks of life know the importance of having a routine. Routines help you stay organized and on time, freeing up more time for other activities while avoiding mistakes and confusion. With that in mind, Wunderbear developed Home Routines, an app that keeps track of everything you need to do within specific periods of time.

With it, you can create your own routines and checklists. Additionally, you can control your progress and try to beat your own streaks. It even features a reward system that will keep you motivated to continue adhering to the schedule.

3. All Recipes: Dinner Spinner

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Most people know what it’s like to have food but not know what to cook with it. To solve that problem, this useful app provides you with recipes based on what you have at hand. After you have entered all the ingredients you have available, the app generates hundreds of delicious and practical recipes that you can cook without having to go out grocery shopping.

As if that wasn’t good enough, it also learns your preferences increasingly as you use it. It even gives users the possibility of following specific chefs to get new recipes from them periodically.

4. Cozi

Similarly to the Home Routines app, Cozi allows you to create and oversee schedules. However, this app focuses less on routines and more on synchronizing schedules between different family members. Without a doubt, this is incredibly useful to keep track of your kids throughout the entire day.

Additionally, it allows parents to create and share chore lists, improving their ability to make sure everything gets done in the house. Practical, intuitive and easy to use, Cozi employs a color-coded system that will surely help parents organize their entire family life.

5. Mom Maps

For kids, going outdoors from time to time highly important. It is a great way to decompress, experience new things and become acquainted with mother nature. However, parents often don’t know where to take their children.

Positioning itself as one of the most creative stay at home mom apps out there, Mom Maps solves this problem by displaying all the child-friendly locations in a determinate area. It works in most urban areas, which means it’s great for traveling. However, it’s also great for discovering new spots that are near your home.

6. Yowza!

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In most urban areas, there are many discount opportunities for buying things like grocery and household items. However, it’s often hard to find out about these opportunities. This wonderful app will alert its users of any interesting offers near their location. Additionally, it will send coupons to them directly, eliminating the need to go looking for them. One of the most advantageous stay at home apps available, Yowza! will allow you to save an impressive amount of money.

7. Remember the Milk

Unlike most stay at home mom apps out there, Remember the Milk does not offer a greatly innovative service. It’s, in fact, one among dozens of to-do list apps. However, Remember the Milk stands out due to its family-oriented simplicity. Without a doubt, this family-friendly attitude makes this app one of the most useful stay at home mom apps.

Remember the Milk makes it easy to organize your tasks into different categories. It even allows you to break down every item into subtasks, expanding the amount of control you have over each step necessary to complete each important task.

Let’s Recap

Many people will feel more hopeful after going through this list of useful stay at home mom apps. Even though they are not a substitute for good parenting, they are definitely capable of making everyday family life easier and, why not, more enjoyable as well. Without a doubt, technology can be extremely beneficial when applied to something as important as raising a family. Do you know any other apps that moms will love? Let us know in the comments!

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