8 Valentine Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Going on a Valentine’s Day date can quickly add up to a pricey celebration. Every couple wants to use this romantic holiday to go the extra mile. Being a mom should not stop you and your significant other from celebrating this special day. But what if you are on a tight budget? What Valentine date ideas should you consider giving the fact that most of your budget focuses on your kids lately?

Gifts, dinner, drinks and special events are the norm when you want to spoil each other and have fun, but it doesn’t have to break the bank in the process. You can have a wonderful time and save money too. These Valentine date ideas will help you put together your own special date for under 100 dollars per couple, but this number is only an estimated guide.

red hearts made of wood on sticks

#1. For the Outdoorsy Couple: Visit a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are indoor wonderlands. Instead of gifting flowers, go see hundreds of species of exotic plants and flowers at your local botanical garden. The beauties in a botanical garden will be memorable and won’t wilt on your desk. An extra perk is that two tickets to enter are likely to cost less than delivering a professional bouquet.

#2. For the Artsy Couple: Go on an Art Gallery Tour

Most art galleries in cities are free to enter and visit, but touring several in a night is one of the more enriching and exciting Valentine date ideas. Busy schedules often prohibit visiting local art galleries, but making it part of your Valentine date ideas is a fun way to spend an evening.

You can peruse inspiring art and engage in conversation about it. Ending the evening with dessert instead of dinner is just the right amount of sweet.

#3. For the Adventurous Couple: Take a Bike Trail Ride

a young couple on bikes holding hands

If there are known bike trails in your area, rent a bike with your sweetie and take an adventurous trip. Let the path lead you to a new part of town or to different sights. Challenging yourselves in this way is excellent for couples to be adventurous and bond at the same time.

You will have to rely on each other for guidance and navigation. This date is practically free. That means it leaves plenty of budget room for a hearty dinner to refuel. Valentine date ideas can still be full of new things while putting money toward what you know you will need to spend it on. In this particular case, a big dinner might be an example.

#4. For the Hipster Couple: Craft Beer Brewing Class

Going to a craft-beer brewing class can be done on the cheap. As far as Valentine date ideas go, this one gives you something exciting to bond over while learning to brew something that will not only be your unique brew, but it will save you money in the long run.

Brewing classes are typically under 100 dollars, but you will need to buy your own set-up for brewing if you intend to put those new skills to use. Start-up kits are also pretty affordable.

#5. For the Musical Couple: A Chamber Music Date

Valentine date ideas involving musical performances can certainly cost hundreds of dollars. Orchestra tickets are pricey, but a chamber-music performance will cost less because they are smaller scale. Chamber music is romantic and intimate. It focuses on a smaller selection of instruments, but the musical talent is just as impressive as a full orchestra.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to dress up in your best clothes and feel like you are attending a star-studded event. Chamber music is a little-known secret, and it is highly recommended for couples who love live music but are also on a budget.

#6. For the Stressed Couple: Go to Your Local Lush

a couple getting a massage at a spa

If you are really on a tight budget, go to your local Lush store. They are a cosmetics store that provides in-shop demonstrations of products that feel like mini-spa treatments. It’s free, but it’s only polite to buy a few items they try on you.

They will do a few small treatments per person such as testing a face mask on you, scrubbing your hands and applying lotion with a gentle massage and even wash your hair. You can take the spa treatments home with you by purchasing a massage bar and taking turns massaging each other. You might also consider bubble bars or bath bombs for a luxurious and fragrant soak.

#7. For the Animal Loving Couple: Visit a Sanctuary

Instead of captured and bred animals, sanctuaries are places where animals often go when they are rescued, discarded by zoos or circuses and otherwise need a place to live the rest of their lives in peace. All kinds of sanctuaries exist for different animals and mixed-animal populations. They are typically free to visit, but donations are suggested.

You can have a blast with all kinds of animals and learn new things. Sanctuaries need volunteers, and Valentine date ideas involving volunteering are a great way to give something back while getting unforgettable memories with your loved one.

#8. For the Geeky Couple: A Boardgame Night

Tabletop boardgames are increasing in popularity around the globe. With tons of themes, mechanics, and styles of games, the possibilities are endless. Boardgame nights are being hosted at cafes and bars everywhere, and it’s possible your city has one on a regular basis.

This makes a great and affordable date, but it will probably involve other people. This works well if you’re both interested in being social and learning something new on your date.

Drawing to a Close

Valentine date ideas are not one-size-fits-all. There are dozens of options based on your preferences as a couple. Small meals instead of full dinners can help you cut on costs. You can also choose to go for a frozen yogurt or ice cream instead of dinner or lunch.

These little adventures are often the best, and you’re likely to have the time of your life with your partner by your side on this romantic holiday when you take these ideas and create your own Valentine’s Day date.

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