DIY Baby Mobile – How to Make a Baby Mobile by Yourself

When you have a baby, it is just natural to want to give the tiny one everything they could possibly need. Even though they are not considered to be essential items, toys and ornaments are definitely a great way to show the baby love while teaching them basic abilities such as recognizing shapes and colors. Among the most popular of such items are baby mobiles for cribs. In this article, you will learn the steps of a DIY baby mobile.

However, the kind of mobiles that are sold in stores can be expensive and impersonal. For that reason, the present guide will show you how to build a DIY baby mobile from scratch. A fun and interesting baby mobile will captivate your little one and it makes a great nursery decor item.

a simple round-shaped baby mobile with the globe in its center

Step 1. Gathering Supplies

Apart from being simple to make, this type of DIY baby mobile uses very few materials. In order to create it, you will only need colored paper or card stock of five different colors, yarn or thread, an embroidery hoop and hot glue. If you are looking for extra security, you may use a sewing machine instead of glue to attach the parts of the baby crib mobile.

Step 2. Cutting Out Paper Shapes

Simple cut out between 15 and 20 shapes out of the colored papers. Of course, you can cut any shape you want your DIY baby mobile to have. However, it’s advisable to go for the most basic shapes (circles, squares, triangles and so on). This serves two functions.

On one side, simple shapes are easier for babies to understand and enjoy. On the other, basic geometric shapes are easier to cut out, making the job simpler for you. Cut the shapes as follows:

  • Color #1: 22 shapes of (approximately) 2 inches.
  • Color #2: 7 shapes of (approximately) 2 inches. 11 shapes of (approximately) 1.6 inches.
  • Color #3: 19 shapes of (approximately) 1.6 inches.
  • Color #4: 11 shapes of (approximately) 1.6 inches. 9 shapes of (approximately) 1.4 inches.
  • Color #5: 22 shapes of (approximately) 1.3 inches.

Step 3. Positioning the Shapes

After laying them on a table, spread the shapes around spaciously. Once that is done, use the shapes to form the 11 columns that will comprise the DIY baby mobile. Make sure there is at least one inch of space between shapes (both vertically and horizontally).

Keep in mind that the shapes do not have to be horizontally aligned with each other. Do not worry about the columns not have an even length as that makes for a more dynamic and fun design.

Have fun placing the shapes of different colors to make an aesthetically appealing, fun and warm design. Even though it may be tempting to organize the position of the shapes by color or size, try to distribute them in a seemingly random way.

a beautiful handmade air balloons baby mobile colored in blue and pink

Step 4. Attaching Yarn or Thread to the Circles

Once you are happy with the distribution of the shapes, it’s time to continue constructing your DIY baby mobile by attaching the yarn to the shapes. Often, people that want to know how to make a baby mobile complicate themselves by trying to poke holes in the shapes.

However, the simplest way is to draw a vertical line through the middle of each shape. Immediately after, place the yarn over all the shapes in one column. Finally, cut the yarn leaving 2 inches on one end and nothing on the other. Repeat that process for all the remaining 10 columns.

Step 5. Painting the Embroidery Hoop

Before going any further, it’s important to point out that the embroidery hoop should be made of a material that is resistant and capable of holding the paint. With that in mind, getting a wooden embroidery hoop is always a good idea.

Even though you can use any color you want to paint it, try to use one that is similar to any of the colors of the shapes to create uniformity. Before moving on to the next step making your DIY baby mobile, let the hoop dry for a good 15 minutes.

a beautiful clouds, moon, and stars baby mobile

Step 6. Attaching the Yarn to the Hoop

Once the embroidery hoop has dried completely, it’s time to attach the yarn or thread to it. Before tying any knots, make sure to measure and mark the distance that there will be between the threads, making sure it’s somewhat uniform. However, do not complicate yourself by trying to be too precise as small differences will not be noticeable at all.

In order to guarantee that your DIY baby mobile won’t fall apart at any point, make sure all the threads are tied securely and firmly. You can use any type of knot as long as it’s tight and doesn’t stand out too much.

Step 7. Hanging the mobile

The final step in your quest to make your own baby mobile is hanging it over your baby’s crib. In order to create something to hang it from, take two pieces of thread and cut them to about three feet long. Tie the end of one thread to the hoop. Then, take the other end of the same thread and tie it to the exact opposite side across the hoop.

After that, tie the second piece of thread to the hoop, precisely between the two ends of the thread you already tied. Finally, tie the free end of the second thread to the opposite side of the hoop. Again, make sure it’s tied precisely across the first end. As a result, you will have an x-shaped hanger that’s perfect for your DIY baby mobile.

Summing It Up

Having read through this entire piece, you are probably glad to realize it’s easy and fun to make your own DIY baby mobile. Besides the pride and satisfaction, making it will save you money and bring you closer to your little one.

By simply following these seven steps, you will create a unique object that will be stared at by your baby for hours at a time. Do you have your own technique to make a DIY baby mobile? If so, let us know in the comments!

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