Advice for New Parents – 12 Useful Things They Should Know

Being a new parent is an exciting journey that requires a lot of patience and learning. Advice for new parents is readily available. Still, you probably don’t want to hear that particular advice for new parents coming from a stranger on the street for the thousandth time.

These tried-and-true tips are useful and come from people who were once new parents themselves. If it doesn’t work for you, just move on to the next thing that will.

*The following tips were listed in particular order.

two young parents smiling and looking at their baby

1: Don’t Buy into Fads

Fads happen in the parenting world. Advice for new parents include trends like only outfitting your baby in all-organic clothing, making a purely homemade diet, early reading programs that start entirely too young and more.

These fads often require you spend a ton of money up-front, and they are not proven to be any more useful than conventional ideas about parenting. If it sounds like a trend, it probably is. Don’t waste your time.

2: Let Your Values Guide You

It’s okay to let your values about parenting guide your parenting choices, but don’t feel like a horrible parent for having to give up some of those values for the sake of practicality and reality. If you breastfeed your baby, don’t feel ashamed if you need to use formula at some point or pump.

If you use cloth diapers, don’t think you are lazy for needing an occasional disposable diaper. Most of all, it’s okay to let your child watch television. It does not make you a lazy parent.

3: Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People to Shut Up

You will get plenty of unsolicited advice from parents, family members, friends and random people. Don’t be afraid to tell them to stop giving you unsolicited advice. Telling them to shut up may not be the best choice of words, but you may need to be firm and clear when you say to them to stop telling you how to raise your child.

two moms with their babies in babywearing having tea together

4: Babywearing Isn’t as Carefree as It Looks

Babywearing isn’t as easy and carefree as advertisements make it look, but it is a great option for traveling and going outdoors. A sturdy wrap or harness that fits your body well is priceless. Invest in one that can convert easily if you choose this route of carrying your child.

5: Babywearing Is Similar to Tummy Time

While babywearing isn’t as easy as it looks, it does work the same muscles in your baby’s body the way tummy-time exercises do. It strengthens the neck muscles and other muscles that help a baby learn to support themselves.

6: It Is Okay Not to Love Every Minute

Parents get the idea from society and culture that you have to love every minute of being a new parent. In reality, you will not love every minute, and that is okay. You should embrace the wonderful moments, but let yourself have a break during the moments in which it is less-than desirable.

7: Post-Partum Depression Happens

This is a topic that is often silenced in parenting groups and mainstream magazines or blogs. Post-partum depression is real, and it happens to mothers with the best intentions sometimes. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it. There are options for mothers who feel this way, and it saves lives. This should be standard encouragement and advice for all new parents to remember.

8: You Can Travel as a New Parent

If you have ever flown, you have probably seen new parents on a flight feeling overwhelmed and tired. Nowadays, international flights have infants more commonly than ever before. It is possible to travel as a new parent, and you do not have to give this up when you become one. It requires extra planning, but don’t listen to people who say you are doomed to a life at home for five years. You are not.

a small baby holding a jar of baby food trying to taste the food inside the container

9: Some Baby Foods Are a Scam

Baby foods and toddler foods are often lacking in nutrition. This isn’t to say that canned baby food is a problem, but cereals before six months are not recommended. Toddler snacks are often loaded with salt and extra sugars.

Use formula or breast milk until at least six months, and then introduce and feed healthful whole foods slowly. The best feeding advice for new parents is to simply feed your baby foods closest to their natural state, and puff crisps are not natural.

10: Pumping and Dumping Is a Myth

This is especially important if you are breastfeeding. New moms often think they cannot have alcohol if they are breastfeeding, but you can have one drink. Even if you have a couple of drinks, it isn’t enough to harm your baby. Advice for new parents will often tell moms to pump and dump their breast milk, but this is a myth. You can still drink wine and breastfeed simultaneously, as long as you don’t abuse alcohol.

11: You Can Go Back to Work

There’s pressure on new parents to take a long maternity or paternity leave, but don’t be ashamed if you need to or want to go back to work as soon as possible. Advice for new parents often encourages being with the new baby all the time, but that isn’t always possible. It is okay for you to want to have a fulfilling career life or to need that income.

12: Exclusively Breastfed Babies Rarely Get Constipated

If your child does get constipated while being exclusively breast fed, don’t worry. Some advice for new parents may have you freaking out if your child becomes constipated, but it’s normal. A baby between two and three months can go up to two weeks without pooping, and that is fine.

Bottom Line

The best advice for new parents is to simply let yourselves breathe, and when the baby sleeps, you sleep. You will be exhausted. Focus on taking care of yourself when you can so that you are ready for your baby during meal times, diaper changes and everything else in life.

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8 Valentine Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Going on a Valentine’s Day date can quickly add up to a pricey celebration. Every couple wants to use this romantic holiday to go the extra mile. Being a mom should not stop you and your significant other from celebrating this special day. But what if you are on a tight budget? What Valentine date ideas should you consider giving the fact that most of your budget focuses on your kids lately?

Gifts, dinner, drinks and special events are the norm when you want to spoil each other and have fun, but it doesn’t have to break the bank in the process. You can have a wonderful time and save money too. These Valentine date ideas will help you put together your own special date for under 100 dollars per couple, but this number is only an estimated guide.

red hearts made of wood on sticks

#1. For the Outdoorsy Couple: Visit a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are indoor wonderlands. Instead of gifting flowers, go see hundreds of species of exotic plants and flowers at your local botanical garden. The beauties in a botanical garden will be memorable and won’t wilt on your desk. An extra perk is that two tickets to enter are likely to cost less than delivering a professional bouquet.

#2. For the Artsy Couple: Go on an Art Gallery Tour

Most art galleries in cities are free to enter and visit, but touring several in a night is one of the more enriching and exciting Valentine date ideas. Busy schedules often prohibit visiting local art galleries, but making it part of your Valentine date ideas is a fun way to spend an evening.

You can peruse inspiring art and engage in conversation about it. Ending the evening with dessert instead of dinner is just the right amount of sweet.

#3. For the Adventurous Couple: Take a Bike Trail Ride

a young couple on bikes holding hands

If there are known bike trails in your area, rent a bike with your sweetie and take an adventurous trip. Let the path lead you to a new part of town or to different sights. Challenging yourselves in this way is excellent for couples to be adventurous and bond at the same time.

You will have to rely on each other for guidance and navigation. This date is practically free. That means it leaves plenty of budget room for a hearty dinner to refuel. Valentine date ideas can still be full of new things while putting money toward what you know you will need to spend it on. In this particular case, a big dinner might be an example.

#4. For the Hipster Couple: Craft Beer Brewing Class

Going to a craft-beer brewing class can be done on the cheap. As far as Valentine date ideas go, this one gives you something exciting to bond over while learning to brew something that will not only be your unique brew, but it will save you money in the long run.

Brewing classes are typically under 100 dollars, but you will need to buy your own set-up for brewing if you intend to put those new skills to use. Start-up kits are also pretty affordable.

#5. For the Musical Couple: A Chamber Music Date

Valentine date ideas involving musical performances can certainly cost hundreds of dollars. Orchestra tickets are pricey, but a chamber-music performance will cost less because they are smaller scale. Chamber music is romantic and intimate. It focuses on a smaller selection of instruments, but the musical talent is just as impressive as a full orchestra.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to dress up in your best clothes and feel like you are attending a star-studded event. Chamber music is a little-known secret, and it is highly recommended for couples who love live music but are also on a budget.

#6. For the Stressed Couple: Go to Your Local Lush

a couple getting a massage at a spa

If you are really on a tight budget, go to your local Lush store. They are a cosmetics store that provides in-shop demonstrations of products that feel like mini-spa treatments. It’s free, but it’s only polite to buy a few items they try on you.

They will do a few small treatments per person such as testing a face mask on you, scrubbing your hands and applying lotion with a gentle massage and even wash your hair. You can take the spa treatments home with you by purchasing a massage bar and taking turns massaging each other. You might also consider bubble bars or bath bombs for a luxurious and fragrant soak.

#7. For the Animal Loving Couple: Visit a Sanctuary

Instead of captured and bred animals, sanctuaries are places where animals often go when they are rescued, discarded by zoos or circuses and otherwise need a place to live the rest of their lives in peace. All kinds of sanctuaries exist for different animals and mixed-animal populations. They are typically free to visit, but donations are suggested.

You can have a blast with all kinds of animals and learn new things. Sanctuaries need volunteers, and Valentine date ideas involving volunteering are a great way to give something back while getting unforgettable memories with your loved one.

#8. For the Geeky Couple: A Boardgame Night

Tabletop boardgames are increasing in popularity around the globe. With tons of themes, mechanics, and styles of games, the possibilities are endless. Boardgame nights are being hosted at cafes and bars everywhere, and it’s possible your city has one on a regular basis.

This makes a great and affordable date, but it will probably involve other people. This works well if you’re both interested in being social and learning something new on your date.

Drawing to a Close

Valentine date ideas are not one-size-fits-all. There are dozens of options based on your preferences as a couple. Small meals instead of full dinners can help you cut on costs. You can also choose to go for a frozen yogurt or ice cream instead of dinner or lunch.

These little adventures are often the best, and you’re likely to have the time of your life with your partner by your side on this romantic holiday when you take these ideas and create your own Valentine’s Day date.

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ABCYA Typing Games Your Child Will Love!

Can your kindergartener use your iPhone better than you can? Chances are, he or she has been clicking buttons and snapping selfies with your smartphone ever since they were old enough to hold on to something. Our kids are growing up with technology being a normal, integrated part of their lives every minute of every day. Whether you choose to limit your child’s technology use or not, it’s important that they learn how to properly type to avoid wrist problems later in life and to maximize their work performance and accuracy. ABCYA typing games are an excellent way to help your child practice typing drills while giving them a fun format to play them.

Here at Stay A Stay At Home Mom, we love ABCYA because of their mission to make computer learning at home fun and interactive for children while not cutting back on how effective and educational the exercises are. ABCYA’s games really are a perfect blend of learning and fun that your K-5th grader will love. Their typing games are unique, well-designed and education for students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and advance through trial and error.

Keyboard Invasion

This game is great for young kids who are just starting to learn which order the letters are in on the keyboard. You can select “Beginner” or “Expert” level in the game. Letters, numbers, and punctuation marks found on the keyboard lower one-by-one from the sky at the top of the game. The player has to type the letter that’s falling from the sky before it reaches the ground.


The letters, numbers, and punctuation marks come in all sorts of orders and fall at increasing speeds and patterns based on the difficulty and level that is being played.

Typing Race

This game is addictive but still educational! Students drive and steer a car down a road and type the words that appear in front of them. If they type the letters in the wrong order or can’t type them fast enough, the player doesn’t earn points. If your child is struggling with a certain section of the keyboard, you can fix that! One of the best features of this game is how customizable it is. Pick and choose which levels you want to play in order to be challenged in specific areas. Pretty cool!


Cup Stack Typing

Does your student know where the letters and symbols are on the keyboard but need to improve their typing speed? This is the game for them! Cups fall into the game and your child has to quickly type whatever letters or symbols appear on them. If they don’t type fast enough, the cups continue to stack with missed letters. The more accurate and quick the typing, the more points your student can earn! It’s recommended that students mainly stick to using the home of ASDF for the left hand and JKL for the right hand while typing. This helps them to make sure they’re using the proper fingers to hit specific keys and always return back to the correct spot.


Keyboard Zoo

This is the perfect game for your little youngster to learn the keyboard. This is the most basic, preliminary stages of learning to type. You can choose two options to play the game, either letter names or letter sounds. Students hear these names or sounds and then are encouraged to use their index finger to type the corresponding letter on the keyboard. Playing Keyboard Zoo is a great way to quiz your student on their letter names and sounds while giving them some computer time which they all love!


These four games are just a few of the many games that are offered on ABCYA. We hope your child enjoys these typing games as much as we do!

If you’re looking for more information on ABCYA, check out our blog posts on ABCYA Online Interactive Learning Games, 5 Popular ABCYA 5th Grade Games, and Why Your Child Should Play ABCYA Games!

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ABCYA Online Interactive Learning Games

Do your kids love to play computer and iPad games but you wish there were more opportunities for them to be learning when they spend time on those devices? Well you’re in luck! ABCYA online interactive learning games are an awesome way to entertain your kids while making sure they’re learning and developing their young minds!


What Is ABCYA?

ABCYA began when a group of teachers got together to discuss the need for education and interactive games for students to play on the computer. They pulled together their resources and skills to design the ABCYA website which includes games, quizzes and interactive activities for grades kindergarten through 5th grade. The games are safe and appropriate for kids to play, and totally free when used on a PC, making them ideal for the budget-friendly family!

abcya1 Services

There’s a wide variety of cool, educational activities for elementary schoolers that are fun to play while helping students practice different subjects including math, language, science, music, and other creative interests. 

To visit the website, simply google ABCYA or visit http ://

Why Is So Popular?

When teachers decided to create this website, their first goal was to make an online site that is able to be used on a desktop computer. They wanted the site to be easy to navigate and search, and extremely educational for students in a short amount of time. 

While the desktop version of the site is free (making it an amazing value), there are apps for the site to be purchased for a small fee, that can be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


Students will love watching and interacting with the animations full of ABCYAs fun characters like a penguin, robot, and duck. Parents love ABCYA because they can get their child set up and then let them navigate the site to choose which games they want to play. All of the games are appropriate for children, and parents don’t need to worry about accidentally exposing them to anything they shouldn’t see. 

Fun ABCYA 5th Grade Games

The games for fifth graders are fun and unique and will keep your fifth graders’ attention the entire time they’re playing the games.

A really popular 5th grade game is the The Keyboard Challenge game. This game is designed to help students learn their keyboarding skills, to develop their accuracy and speed so they don’t have to look at the keyboard as they type. In this game, the keys on the keyboard are all jumbled up, and its up to the player to put the keys back in the right place.


Sugar Sugar is another popular 5th grade game. This is an interactive game to help students practice their logic skills. The creator of the game aimed to develop different puzzles to help students think critically throughout various steps in the game to reach a solution. 

Super Fun ABCYA Games For Kids

There are so many great games on that it’s tough to know where to begin with the recommendations!

Snail Bob is one of the most popular games on the site. This game has multiple levels, requiring students to navigate a snail through the animation world that he lives in. Snail Bob requires trouble shooting skills and will help kids learn through trial and error. 


There’s an entire page of holiday themed games. Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, there’s plenty of games to pull some fun holiday spirit into the learning process. Christmas Lights is one of the most popular ones right now! It helps students ages 4 – 6 develop their motor skills.

Make A Car is a fun game that works on multiple different types of computers. It’s designed for all ages, and kids can drag and assemble different parts on the screen to build a car.

If your child is interested in cars and racing, they’ll love Road Rally. Students race a car, collecting different coins and fueling up as they try not to hit other cars on the road.

The game Make A Pizza is perfect for grades k through 1. They learn to use the computer mouse in order to build a pizza with their favorite toppings.


If your kiddos need to practice their telling time skills, Tell Time will help them make great strides!

Alphabet Match is a great way for your youngster to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet.

If you’re looking to give your fifth grader some practice with their basic science and physics homework, Rotate and Roll is a great way to do this!

These are just a few examples of the many fun and educational abcya games. There are so many more!!

The Best ABCYA 3rd Grade Games

No matter what subject your 3rd grader could use a little extra work in, ABCYA has a game to help! Alphabet bingo is an extremely popular game for third graders to work on their reading skills. The game is designed to be a creative way to quiz your child on their words. 

If your student needs practice on their sight words, Dolch Sight Word Bingo is a great choice. Students listen to words through audio and then select the correct word on the screen in front of them. You’ll notice a huge improvement in how quickly your child recognizes sight words if they start to play this game on a regular basis. 


The Math Man is a game app designed around the popular Pacman game. Math Man helps students to fine-tune their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills as they race through the connecting the dots to solve problems. As they solve problems, they avoid ghosts just like in the original Pacman game. This is a great alternative to the original game as students get all of the fun that Pacman offers with the bonus of practicing their math problems!

Place Value Hockey is another popular one for 3rd graders also! 

Creative Games On www.ABCYA .com

If you have an artistically inclined student, ABCYA has a lot to offer! Even if your child might not be drawn to the arts, they can help your child to develop both sides of their brain. These games are fun and students can be as creative as they want.

Paint Go is a fun activity where students can have fun painting, drawing, or coloring to make different art projects. You can print these at home or order prints they make something you want to frame or hang on the fridge! 

Abcya Animate! is a super fun way for students to make animations. There’s a version specifically designed for 6th graders that helps them to learn about coloring, framing and design. Who knows, your child could be the next Pixar designer! 


If your child is a puzzle lover, Tangram Puzzles is a great game to help sharpen their puzzle solving skills. The Tangrams game is designed to require the student to shift and rotate different shapes until they all fit together. Boxmen is also a fun puzzle app where you use tiles to build puzzles. These games are also great for a child who might not enjoy puzzles but could use a bit of work on their logic skills. 

For students who love to tell stories, the Story Maker is a way for kids to write their own short stories and design them into books. They can add pictures and designs to create their own piece of art.

For outdoor adventure loving kids, Mountain Hop is an arcade style game where kids work to move a rabbit down the mountain, avoiding obstacles on the way down.

Popular ABCYA Math Games

ABCYA math games are a total blast for all ages! These games help students develop skills in various types of maths like counting, addition, learning what a fraction is, multiplication and more. There’s a wide range of math games available for kindergarten and 1st grade, all the way through 5th grade. If your student needs work on word problems, have them play Word Clouds where they can build graphical representations of words. The game works best if you enter a minimum of 2 or 3 words, but more works to form a cloud too!


If your 2nd grader needs help learning to count, there’s a game for that! Or perhaps your 6th grader needs practice with number fractions. There’s a game for that too called Fraction Fling where kids have to pop a fraction bubble and then solve the problem. There are 5 full rounds to play before the game ends, or until the player runs out of rocks to throw in order to pop the bubbles. 

Learn To Count Money is a fun game for youngsters to start learning those basic life skills that everyone needs to have.

Jet Ski Addition is a racing game for multiplayers. Students race to answer questions faster than the other players.

Other fun games for second graders are Math Facts Basketball, Math Lines Addition, Connect The Dots, Dot to Dot, and Marble Math.

If students have completed a lot of math games and feel like they’re ready for the next level of challenge, they can take a quiz to test their knowledge.

ABCYA 4th Grade Games

There’s lots of opportunities for fourth graders to learn on In the game Label The Bones, students can learn the parts of a skeleton by labeling different bones on the body.

Word Frog is a popular 4th grade game that helps students identify and match antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.

Fun ABCYA Typing Games For All Ages

Are you looking for a way to help your students learn to type correctly with speed and accuracy?

Dance Mat Typing is an extremely popular game for students to learn how to type correctly, while doing it all to the beat of fun music! Students will learn to type in rhythm, keeping consistent speeds and striking specific keys at the proper time.


The Cup Stack Typing is a cup stacking game that requires students to stack and unstack cups by typing the keyboard letters that are associated with them.   

If you’re looking for more specific information on ABCYA games, take a look at our blog post on Why Your Child Should Play ABCYA Games.  We also reviewed 5 Popular ABCYA 5th Grade Games if you’re looking to keep your 5th grader learning and entertained!

ABCYA is quickly becoming popular with families of elementary school kids because they truly are such fun and interactive games. In today’s age, it’s important that the things we expose our children to are safe and trustworthy, and ABCYA is exactly that!

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