Need To Save Money?

Couponing is one of the biggest things that is taken advantage of or underestimated, when it comes to saving money. People underestimate what couponing can really do for a household. It’s as if no one wants to take the time to gather the coupons or find where they can save a lot more than they think. If you are a stay at home mom, it may be easier for you to clip, find and sort through various coupons. Some moms take the time to do this when their kids are down for nap time.

People tend to think that .50 cents here and a dollar there won’t really mean anything after one shopping trip to the grocery store, but in the long run it’s pretty massive. Also, a lot of people associate the couponing process with being an extreme measure, but in reality, it’s what you make it. You can do it at your own risk, at your own time and to whatever extent you want.

If you’ve ever seen those extreme couponing TV shows, some of those people get many items for free. If you wish you can “coupon it up” and take it to the extreme or take it down a couple of notches and do it in moderation.

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If more Americans were to start couponing yearly, they could save thousands of dollars. You see coupons everywhere; newspapers, magazines, etc. Couponing is perfect for parents that stay at home and are looking for something to do, or maybe if your family is tight on money and looking for different ways to cut back on spending. If you want to look deeper into couponing and its benefits, you can look into sites on the web that will allow you to save more in the end.

For beginners, this site it perfect. It will teach you all the ins and outs of couponing, and what to look for exactly when looking for deals. The woman who runs this site also has her own coupons from sites that she’s subscribed to that she allows people to print off the web for their own sake. There’s a lot more to couponing that what one sees, and this is a great site to look into and read about if you’re interested in the maddness that comes with saving money.


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Couponing sites such as, allow you to print coupons off the web, and you can pick and choose what you’re getting rather than getting whatever they have in a magazine or in the newspaper. It gives you more freedom and this allows you to get exactly what you need to save for by searching through the categories that it has to offer. This site also tells you how much available money you can save right when you go to the home page. Along with this website, you may have to download a certain software so you can get the bar codes from the coupons codes when you go to print them.

A customer stated:

 “Talk about PRINTING MONEY with your computer, this site is a gas! After you download a simple coupon printing program (it’s required to print bar codes), you can just line up all the savings on this website with your shopping list and kick butt! I found this site when I was trying to locate the $1 OFF coupon for the new V8 Fusion drink… A great money-saving resource and it’s all FREE!”

The Krazy Couponing Lady site is awesome! This site isn’t specifically for grocery shopping or set on one thing. This site allows you to search through categories, different stores, and also see what the biggest coupon deals are. You can then print the coupons right off the site just like the previous one.


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I think that the nice thing about this site is that you can search for any store that you want and see what’s available to get a discount from. Local grocery stores may not always be in your range but their are nationwide stores that are all over the country that you can find discounts for. Customers always seem to have positive reviews from this site.

One customer reviewed:

“The grocery stores aren’t local for me (I’m envious of anyone who has an Albertson’s!) but the national store deals are great! Also they have lots of tips to get you started as a couponer. I also enjoy their videos. I recommend this site to everyone who asks me about the deals I get — and almost everyone asks!”

If you live in a big household of people, or even small, when it comes time to make the weekly to every two week trip to the grocery store, the bill can sometimes be outrageous! All in all, groceries are very expensive and it starts to become annoying when you have to spend that much money on them all the time. So look into couponing!

At first, you might think that it doesn’t really make a difference with a little money here and there but boy will you be surprised even after two months. Who doesn’t love having extra savings? You don’t need to go to the extremes of couponing, but it’s something to look into. Next time you go to make a big trip to the grocery store, keep in mind that there are ways around spending a lot of money.

Take a look at these crazy couponing ladies — this could be you someday if you really want to dive into the world of couponing!

Some people have even gone dumpster diving to grab their fix of coupons!

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Need To Freshen Up Your Home?

Are you a stay at home mother looking for something to do around the house? Why not tidy it up a little bit? It’s important to keep the house nice and clean, and if you have the time there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be cleaning it. Having a clean and organized house helps you to feel better and less stressed.

Whether or not your doing your weekly or monthly cleaning or the seasonal time to spring clean, buying the best cleaning supplies, that are affordable is a key element in making your home feel fresh, smell fresh, and look clean. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen, living room, there’s a supply for everything and every surface.

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Even if you don’t want to clean, you can freshen up the house with purchasing new homeware for anything, especially the kitchen or giving a room a new look with interior decorating. In most cases stay at home mothers are home for the sake of their children, so why not put them to work with some cleaning chores, or helping you decorate.

Bathroom Supplies

One of the best online resources for ordering bathroom supplies would be from ULINE. They’re quick with delivery and they have affordable products. It’s  guaranteed that they have almost anything that you could possibly be looking for. You want products that will last and not fall apart after a use or two. Reviews have stated that people have ordered from this company and they are truly quick with getting your products right to you. Also, they hold up of these bathroom products such as; cleaners, toilet scrub, floor shine, etc., has lasted quite a long time according to the reviews that were read over.


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Kitchen Supplies

Finding kitchen supplies to clean your kitchen could come from the same source, but what about if you’re looking into purchasing new kitchenware? It’s important that you keep up with new products and get rid of old ones. Out with the old and in with the new! One of the top rated sources to buy new kitchenware comes from WebstaurantStore. They carry a variety of essential supplies that you need right in your kitchen. The products are definitely reasonably priced. This resource is generally recommended for restaurants to purchase from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your kitchenware from there too! The WebstaurantStore is rated as one of the top sites to get kitchenware and even janitorial supplies from. Mainly, the holdup of these products is what’s most important, so the company always makes sure that they are made with quality.


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One customer reviewed and stated:

 “I initially stumbled upon this store when I was looking for these big glass goblets that I had seen at a Caribbean restaurant during a vacation trip. Since then, Webstaurant has become my favorite online shop for everything cooking, baking and bar related…”

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Looking into organic cleaning supplies for your home? Check out Seventh Generation! They have a wide selection of organic and natural products that are best to use when cleaning because they’re safe, especially if you have little ones. Seventh generation also has organic and natural baby products as well. Here’s a quick video from the Seventh Generation site itself, explaining their mission and why to go organic:

If you’re interested in Seventh Generation, below are some of their top-rated items:


Seventh Generation’s disinfecting wipes are their top of the line product right now.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generation’s natural laundry detergent is one of the top-rated products that they have to offer.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generations naturally scented and alcohol free wipes.

Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 384 Count


Seventh Generation’s Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers. Made with no chemicals, and perfect for ones with sensitive skin.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers, Original Unprinted, Size 4, 135 Count


Seventh Generation’s Natural Unscented dishwasher detergent.

Seventh Generation Auto Dish Pacs, Free and Clear, 45 Count

your pantry

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If you’re looking to get a whole bundle of things from Amazon, look to this new pantry box! All that’s required is Amazon Prime. This is an awesome way to get a bunch of things in one. Let’s say you need cleaning supplies and other items, you can pick and choose what you want to go into the box, and it’s only $5.99, which is the shipping cost. It also gets delivered right to your house! What’s better than that?

Redesign and Organize Your Home

Interior decorating is another way to spice up your home and make it feel new and fresh. This gives you an open window to be as creative as you want to be! One of the best sites to look into when planning to re-design a room would be Decorating Den Interiors. They have everything from floor covering, furniture, wall designs, bedding, etc. This would be a great idea if you were planning to redecorate a kids playroom, bedroom, or bathroom. This site offers portfolios for customers to see rooms already put together and then you can pick items that you like or may be interested in. If you can’t find a local store, you are always able to purchase items from online and get them delivered to you!

Not only does Decorating Den Interiors focus on decorating, but they also have a tab for closet and storage. They can transform any tight space into something functionable for you and of course make it look nice. If you’re having trouble finding places to store things, they also have products for this and you can find it in the same place. They have various storage shelves and cabinets that you can look through and find what would look best.

Decorating your child’s room? Check out the Children’s Rooms Archives tab. There’s various portfolios to look through if you’re looking for ideas as to how you want to decorate your rooms. They have toddler style rooms, little kids, and also styles for teens. It’s all personal preference.


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Check out this video from the Decorating Den! You can see just a view quick room portfolios, though the site has much more to offer. If you want to get in contact with someone from the Den, call 1-800-332-3367.

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Raising a Toddler at Home and Parenting Tips


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Being a stay at home mother while taking care of a toddler can be quite the hassle. You want to keep yourself productive but you also want and need to spend time with your toddler so they can grow and develop into a well-behaved child. When a child is young, it’ is crucial that you spend time with them and begin teaching them the ways of life. Most people don’t believe it but, a crucial point in someone’s life is when they’re young because that is when the developmental process begins. Allowing your child to be their own person and have their own mind is key.

Having an open mind as a parent is what is most important when raising a child. Let your child be imaginative and support their ideas and thoughts. A child wants to feel confident, so it’s important to boost them up, especially at a young age. Being supportive of your child really can benefit their overall behavior. Young children who are “neglected” or not supported enough don’t feel love from their parents, and they’re often the ones to act out and display bad behavior.


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Avoiding Stress

I’m sure many of you have seen parents get stressed out over their children throwing fits and getting upset. And along with this, seeing parents give into their children way too easily. Just because your child starts crying or screaming over something doesn’t mean you should just give in so that it doesn’t stress you out. Your children should be respectful of you and the way to make this work is by setting rules and boundaries. It’s important that you stay patient with your child through this though because it’s not just going to come easy.

If you set rules and develop routines with your child, they will most likely respect you more and they will have daily expectations which is important at a young age. If your child causes a scene in front of other people, it is best to just remove them entirely from what is going on, that way you don’t draw more attention to what is going on.

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Rules, we can’t live without them! It’s never a bad thing to have consequences established for your children. Obviously all rules and consequences are different in every household, but It’s okay to have your child fear getting in trouble! You don’t want your children to necessarily be scared of you, but it’s good to have to have them afraid of consequences because that just means that they will focus more on better behavior.

If your child does something wrong, it’s best to explain to them what they did wrong. Punishing a child without explaining why they were punished i the first place doesn’t get anything across to them, and then it just gives them the opportunity to do it again which you don’t want to happen. It’s still okay to give them timeouts and punish them, but with reason. Aside from consequences, it’s also okay to reward your child for doing things right.

Being a Good Role Model

Above all, it is important to lead by example for your child. By making good decisions and being kind to others as well as your child, they learn good behavior. Children are followers of their parents, so you want to set them on a good track to follow. Teaching your child right from wrong at a young age is something very important that goes along with parenting.

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Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Being a stay at home mother isn’t such an easy way out, since staying at home is a job in itself. Some people, whether it’s the mother or father of a household, believe that it’s necessary for one parent to stay home in order for their child to grow and develop during the early years of their life. Now for some people, this can be a strain on income for however long it is needed, sometimes years at a time because you simply can’t be a stay at home mom or dad and work a full-time job.

Although this may not be true, there are still options where you have the availability to work from home and to also be there to work around the needs of your child or children. If you’re a stay at home mother and are looking for some way to bring in extra income, even if it’s just a little boost, there are several different things that you can look into.


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1.) Sell Arts and Crafts Online

Time to get artsy and crafty! People love DIY crafts that they can get their hands on. This wouldn’t be anything too extreme but you could easily make little crafts and sell them on sites such as Etsy, or Pinterest, or even EBay. I think that this is perfect for anyone really. I don’t consider myself artsy at all, but I find it relaxing when I can do a DIY project whenever I’m bored or have the free -time. I’m even impressed with the results most of the time.  Hand-crafted items can easily be marketed, and if you start off successful you could maybe even hold your own little business.


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2.) Babysitting and Daycare

You’re already staying at home with your children, so what would anymore be? Babysitting or working in daycare wouldn’t be any different because you’re already an experienced parent. As a stay at mom, you could easily watch a neighbor’s children or anyone else that you know of that needs it. Take care of them while you’re taking care of your on child. From a personal standpoint, I think this is a great job, because you can continue to do household work when you have other kids at your house. My mom used to be a stay at home mother when my siblings and I were young, and she decided that she was going to babysit other people’s children just so we had some more income. I loved this idea because it gave me more people to play and hangout with that were closer to my age, since my neighborhood was full of younger kids. All in all, this job just gives you more experience as a parent.

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3.) Sales

If you find yourself to be quite outgoing, you can get yourself into at home sales. There are many companies, such as jewelry, cooking supplies, or makeup, that allow people to become affiliated with them and then sell their merchandise to people that they know! Always make sure that you’re becoming a part of a trustable site though. The best part about these direct sales, is that you can do it straight from your computer. I personally know many stay at home mothers who opt to this. They usually use social media such as Facebook, to get the word out and invite you to like their sales pages. They then post pictures of items that they’re selling, and I’ll tell you that many people look to this. Most of the items being sold are going for a fairly decent price and who wants to give up a good deal? I think that this is an easy quick way to get involved in something small and make some extra money!

4.) Tutoring or Teaching

Tutoring or teaching is an easy way to earn extra money and  be with your kids at home. You can use your teaching skills to work with students and have them come right to your house and work on a certain subject that they need help with, or if you have the time go to theirs.

You can also tutor online. There are many resources for tutoring online!

Chegg Tutors

chegg tutor


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For someone who is interested in teaching a musical instrument, you could do the same thing. You could easily have lessons at your own home, just like a school tutor would do. As long as it’s something that you enjoy, then it could definitely be worthwhile for you as well as the student.

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