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Online Part Time Genuine Typing Job

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Need a job at home? Why not try a typing job that you can do right from your own computer? If you’re looking into any entry typed employment, you don’t even need any experience at the college level. However, there are different types of “typing jobs” since that’s kind of a broad statement. Take a look here:

Data Entry Employment

Here, a company will give you different data that they’ll have you enter into a computer. What kind of data? Well, that all depends on the company that you’re working with. Mostly, you’ll be working with spreadsheets but again that all depends. You may also be asked to interact with other companies that are around. It’s best to have good communication skills if you’re interested in a job like this, and also have basic knowledge when it comes to computers.


Another type of typing job could be transcription which means that you would just type audio entries for companies documents. Examples of this being; conferences that go on, any lectures, or podcasts that the company may have. You’re responsible for typing what people speak.  If you do this from home, you’ll be given a recorded audio to work from.

How Much Can You Make?

If you’re looking to just have some extra income, then this job is perfect for you! Especially if you’re a stay at home mom and you have a child to look after. You could easily get in hour for this maybe when you’re child is down for a nap. Typing jobs aren’t going to bring in a huge amount of income, but it’s something small and extra. Most companies will usually pay between $7-$15 depending on what exactly you’re doing for them.

Where Can I Find an Online Typing Job?

There are several sites and sources out on the web that are seeking people to become employed for their company and type for them. Each site has a job description listed for you to see if you are interested in what they have to offer. Here are just a few that are rated at the top:




Upwork is a great place to look into if you’re seeking a typing job. Here, you can become a freelancer, where they pay hourly and also give you benefits! They will only pay you for actual work that was done as well.

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Scribie is a great site to look into if you’re interested in Transcription type work. Everything that you do for this company is completely audio based. You will definitely need to type well for this job, and be able to listen well since it’s all from your home and you’re getting recordings. Here, you can make at least $10 an hour. Being with this company can also mean bonuses that come along the way.  An employee recently had good words for Scribie. They said:

“In this Scribie Review I gave them a good score and marked them legit. There really aren’t many problems with Scribie. They give you a very flexible work from home schedule, pay pretty well, and offers a unique way to earn money online.

As long as you can get accepted and meet all requirements I think you will be pretty happy with this company.”

Are at Home Typing Jobs worth it?

If you’re looking to benefit your family in any way then yes. A little extra money can go a long way. It may be hard to be at home and not have much to do during the day other than take care of a child, or tidy up your home. This is a good way to challenge yourself, and feel accomplished!

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Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Being a stay at home mother isn’t such an easy way out, since staying at home is a job in itself. Some people, whether it’s the mother or father of a household, believe that it’s necessary for one parent to stay home in order for their child to grow and develop during the early years of their life. Now for some people, this can be a strain on income for however long it is needed, sometimes years at a time because you simply can’t be a stay at home mom or dad and work a full-time job.

Although this may not be true, there are still options where you have the availability to work from home and to also be there to work around the needs of your child or children. If you’re a stay at home mother and are looking for some way to bring in extra income, even if it’s just a little boost, there are several different things that you can look into.


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1.) Sell Arts and Crafts Online

Time to get artsy and crafty! People love DIY crafts that they can get their hands on. This wouldn’t be anything too extreme but you could easily make little crafts and sell them on sites such as Etsy, or Pinterest, or even EBay. I think that this is perfect for anyone really. I don’t consider myself artsy at all, but I find it relaxing when I can do a DIY project whenever I’m bored or have the free -time. I’m even impressed with the results most of the time.  Hand-crafted items can easily be marketed, and if you start off successful you could maybe even hold your own little business.


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2.) Babysitting and Daycare

You’re already staying at home with your children, so what would anymore be? Babysitting or working in daycare wouldn’t be any different because you’re already an experienced parent. As a stay at mom, you could easily watch a neighbor’s children or anyone else that you know of that needs it. Take care of them while you’re taking care of your on child. From a personal standpoint, I think this is a great job, because you can continue to do household work when you have other kids at your house. My mom used to be a stay at home mother when my siblings and I were young, and she decided that she was going to babysit other people’s children just so we had some more income. I loved this idea because it gave me more people to play and hangout with that were closer to my age, since my neighborhood was full of younger kids. All in all, this job just gives you more experience as a parent.

stay at home mmom

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3.) Sales

If you find yourself to be quite outgoing, you can get yourself into at home sales. There are many companies, such as jewelry, cooking supplies, or makeup, that allow people to become affiliated with them and then sell their merchandise to people that they know! Always make sure that you’re becoming a part of a trustable site though. The best part about these direct sales, is that you can do it straight from your computer. I personally know many stay at home mothers who opt to this. They usually use social media such as Facebook, to get the word out and invite you to like their sales pages. They then post pictures of items that they’re selling, and I’ll tell you that many people look to this. Most of the items being sold are going for a fairly decent price and who wants to give up a good deal? I think that this is an easy quick way to get involved in something small and make some extra money!

4.) Tutoring or Teaching

Tutoring or teaching is an easy way to earn extra money and  be with your kids at home. You can use your teaching skills to work with students and have them come right to your house and work on a certain subject that they need help with, or if you have the time go to theirs.

You can also tutor online. There are many resources for tutoring online!

Chegg Tutors

chegg tutor









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For someone who is interested in teaching a musical instrument, you could do the same thing. You could easily have lessons at your own home, just like a school tutor would do. As long as it’s something that you enjoy, then it could definitely be worthwhile for you as well as the student.

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