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Stay a Stay at Home Mom is dedicated to helping moms survive off one-income in a two-income society.  In order to do this (without sacrificing all the good things in life), there are three main things you need to do:

  • Reduce Expenses
  • Stretch Your Dollar
  • Supplement Income

The absolute best way that we have found to supplement income is to go into business for yourself.  But that can be expensive, right?  It doesn’t have to be.  You can get started with your own business with Jerky Direct for under $15.

What is Jerky Direct? It is the best direct sales/network marketing company we have EVER come across.  Rayven has been involved for 5 years and Marissa for 2 years now, and we both have a large team of men and women across the country who are working towards meeting their financial goals.

About Jerky Direct

  • About Jerky Direct
  • Why We  Joined
  • Is Jerky Direct a Scam?
  • Selling Offline
  • Selling Online
  • Why You Should Work with Us 

Jerky Direct is one of those opportunities that is available to anyone (in the US).  With no sign up fees, no website fees, just 2 bags of jerky each month, everyone can afford it, and because everyone can afford it, it is an easy program to sell.

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We’ve put together a 31-day blog series on just what makes Jerky Direct and our team, XLer8 so special.

Jerky Direct Daily Blog Series

  1. What is Jerky Direct?
  2. Do you know the 75% rule
  3. What types of jerky are there?
  4. My husband caught me in the act…
  5. Has the Penny Genie paid you a visit?
  6. Think you can’t make money with a $12 program
  7. KISS: Keep It Super Simple
  8. 25 ways to make or find $100
  9. Why do companies charge distributors for their websites?
  10. Why do companies charge distributors for a start-up kit?
  11. Are you as confused as I am?
  12. Big Brother is Watching!
  13. Jerky Direct: The Perfect Second Biz
  14. Team XLer8 Training Modules
  15. Learn Fundraising
  16. Learn Retail Sales
  17. Learn Offline Recruiting
  18. Learn Online Marketing
  19. Join our Team XLer8
  20. What does buffalo taste like?
  21. A special surprise for my viewers
  22. Sell jerky at shows
  23. Sell jerky at roadside stands
  24. Niche Marketing for Jerky Distributors
  25. The Importance of Following Up
  26. 8 Steps to Success
  27. Profile of My Downline
  28. What if I don’t eat meat!??
  29. Why people fail in Network Marketing
  30. What does your month look like?
  31. Autoship Woes

Once you’re finished with the series (or perhaps before), I hope you’ll join us.

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