Mompreneurs: Advertising with Personal Email

Your email could be making you money! Seriously. When I first learned about this simple advertising method, I had a huge “duh” moment. Wondering what I am talking about? Your email signature, silly.

You hear me right — your email signature could be bringing you in sales and clients. Have you ever noticed someone’s email signature? You probably have. Some people insert things like their favorite quotes or scriptures — things that are meaningful to them. Some people use their email signature as an advertisement space for their business.

In this age, email communication is becoming the method of choice for many people — even one’s who are conducting business. You can take advantage of this by providing anyone who reads your email with a subtle advertisement every single time they open up an email from you.

Most email providers (such as Yahoo and Gmail) will allow you to set up an email signature for free. Make sure that you take advantage of this free advertising tool.

When creating the perfect email signature, there are a few things that you should include. Of course, one of these things should be your name and the name of your business. You should include information on exactly what it is that you offer. You should also include information that drives them to your website as well as information about how they can contact you.

Another important thing to do is to ensure that it is visually appealing and professional. It is recommended that you avoid using HTML, as it can go horribly wrong if the even one symbol is misplaced.

See how simple it can be to drive traffic to your website and generate interest in your business? Take some time to check out the other features that your email provider offers to see if you can come up with other ways to build your business.

What does your signature say?



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