Bissell Perfect Sweep Sweeper Review

Ok, apparently somewhere along the way in life, no one told me about sweepers.  Oh, I’ve owned plenty of vacuums.  They’re heavy and they cost a lot of money.  When I was a kid, I thought I could suck my toes up into them when I vacuumed my room (which I got in trouble for NOT doing every Wednesday…my mom didn’t buy the “I’m afraid of the vacuum cleaner” excuse.)

But I never learned that a sweeper was something no household should be without! But lucky for me (and for all those of you out there who are also uninformed) the good folks at Bissell decided to send me a Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Sweeper to review for this site.

I gotta tell you, I am absolutely in love with my Bissell Turbo Sweeper (can you be in love with an appliance?…apparently, if it cleans the house you can!)  It is small, lightweight, and more powerful than you can imagine. Let me tell you…this thing SUCKS! In a good way, lol.  It is cordless.  You have to plug it in to charge it.  We keep in in our dining room corner.

When I first got it, I figured it would be ideal for sweeping our stairs.  They are carpeted, and it is a pain in the rear to try to balance our heavy vacuum cleaner and use the little wand to suck up debris at the same time.  But the Bissell Turbo Sweeper is perfect! In fact, its so easy, I have relinquished “stair sweeping” to my daughter’s to-do list.

I also use it to sweep the entry way rug every morning, as well as the kitchen rugs.  But my favorite use is in our front bathroom, our “kitty” bathroom.  Invariably, every morning after we “scoop poop” in the litter box, there are litter crumbs.  That, and the kitties are not the best at getting it out of their paws in the box, no, they prefer to wipe their feet on the mat outside the box.  So, as part of my son’s morning chores, he uses the Bissell Turbo Sweeper on the bathroom tile floor and the rubber kitty mat.  Works like a charm.

And the price is perfect.  It’s only $35 on Amazon (BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper, 2880A).  Every mom needs one of these for all of life’s little spills.



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