Chobani Champions Yogurt Tubes Review

When my kids were little, we’d play the “75% Rule” at the grocery store.  I’d tell them that if they could not pronounce 75% of the ingredients of any product, then I would not buy it for them.  This was more in an attempt to clear processed junk from their diets, though it did help them learn to read better as well!

Early on in our game I was shocked to realize that most yogurt, you know, good-ole healthy, always acceptable for any kids’ diet yogurt, did not pass the 75% Rule.  I had never really realized that it was full of High Fructose Corn Syrup (which, ironically, the kids learned to pronounce pretty-darn quick).  And not just the “kids” flavors and varieties.  Most commercial yogurt.

I love yogurt. But I literally banned it from my house, with exception of some of the organic varieties that had all natural ingredients.  But, to be honest, the flavor was not as good in those varieties, so we didn’t buy it often.

This was several years ago, before Greek Yogurt had really caught on over here.  Thank goodness it did!  I absolutely LOVE Greek Yogurt! And I love the fact that there are so many options when it comes to finding varieties without scary ingredients.  My favorite Greek yogurt brand (and I have tried every brand I can find) based on flavor, variety, and price is Chobani.  For the past year and a half I have eaten one, sometimes two Chobani Greek yogurt cups per day.  Sometimes I get the plain variety and mix it with strawberries or blueberries for breakfast.  Sometimes I even blend it to make a smoothie.

I had never tried their Chobani Champions Yogurt Tubes, mainly because I really didn’t know they existed! The “kid” yogurt is in it’s own area in the yogurt section, away from the Greek yogurt cups, and I had long ago gotten used to avoiding the kid section.   So, I am pretty excited that Chobani offered to send me a case of Champions Tubes for my family to enjoy!

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A case of yogurt.  To put this in perspective, each box contains 8 yogurt tubes, and there were (yes, most definitely past tense) 8 boxes, so that’s 64 yogurt tubes.  Now, I only have two kids (one 11 yr old girl and one 13 yr old boy, both of which are magicians who can make food disappear in far less time than it takes for me to earn the money to buy it).

When we got the case delivered via FedEx (not too happy with my FedEx guy right now, but that is another story),  everyone was excited.  We got the following flavors:

  • Jammin’ Strawberry
  • Rockin’ Blueberry
  • Swirlin’ Strawberry Banana
  • Chillin’ Cherry

I really don’t care for strawberry yogurt personally, but was planning on trying one of the strawberry banana so I could tell you all if having real fruit, instead of “flavors” would have made a difference.  Alas! I waited too long, and when I went to look for some it was already gone.

In fact, all 8 boxes disappeared in days.

As I was unpacking, I went over the ingredients list on the boxes (not that I’d find anything funky with Chobani; I was already quite familiar with their quality brand) and was pleased to see that 100% of the ingredients were pronounceable! I put a box of Chillin’ Cherry in the freezer to make fro-yo, grabbed a tube of Rockin Blueberry to try, and put the rest in the fridge.

What followed was the yogurt version of an Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids knew that I was doing this review and needed to taste it all  myself so I could write about it, but apparently they could not help themselves.  Within a couple of days, I could not locate any boxes in the fridge.  What I did locate was wrappers….everywhere!

My family is odd.  When they sneak food, instead of burying the wrappers in the trashcan below other trash so no one will find it (you know, like you and I did as a kid) they will stash the wrappers elsewhere in the house. Behind the couch.  Under a mattress.  In their dirty clothes.  And its not just the kids! My husband does it too!

I found empty Chobani tubes in backpacks, in the trash can in the bathroom, under pillow cases, in the washer, next to the refrigerator, and behind my computer.  The real kicker is the ones I found in my huband’s nightstand drawer.  I even found some outside, which my daughter told me got there because while she was quietly doing homework at the kitchen table, a neighbor friend proceeded to enter our home, go to the fridge, take a WHOLE BOX of Chobani Champions and distribute them to the other kids outside. Of course, my innocent daughter wasn’t a part of this neighborhood yogurt crime circle.

In a matter of days they were all gone.  Luckily, my husband shared his hidden stash of the cherry and blueberry with me.  No strawberry to be found (they knew I don’t like strawberry).

I guess you could say my family enjoyed the Chobani Champions.  In fact, as I was running out to pick up groceries last night, my son called to me, “make sure you get more of those yogurt tubes.”  Yeah, I foresee a LOT of yogurt tubes in our future.

Do you like yogurt? What is your household’s favorite snack?



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