Direct Sales – Offer expert coaching to increase your revenue

Is what you have to offer service-based? Do you offer your clients such things as social media marketing, virtual assistance, or content? If so, you already have the expertise to start your own coaching business.

Once you have provided your clients with quality service they will more than likely do one of two things – come back for more (so make sure youcome out with new services for them to try) or provide you with glowing recommendations. Hopefully both. Either way, it will help you to grow your business. You could even take advantage of this by offering special coaching for your loyal customers – a VIP club of sorts.

If you are going to be offering coaching, you should stick to your own niche. Offer your services to your target market or to your competitors (may seem counterproductive, but it’s not – helping those in your field will set you up as an expert in the field so it actually helps you more than it hurts you). For example, if your niche is internet marketing, you can offer your marketing skills to clients who own small businesses or you can teach other internet marketers how to do what you do. You could even do both! Just make sure that you stick to what you know and are skilled at.

Not sure about what kind of coaching you can offer to your clients? Ask them! Send them a survey asking them what you can do to help them even more. How can you improve your current offerings? Is there anything they would like to have access to that you do not offer? What problems do they have that you could provide a solution for? Once you get some feedback it will probably be easier than you think to pull together resources you already have (blog posts, articles, products, etc.) to get your coaching business off to a good start



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