Sleep Number Dual Temp

I love Sleep Number beds.  We splurged and purchased one when we were traveling in the RV after my husband had weeks of backaches, and have not had a bad night since.  When we decided to settle down earlier this year to be closer to family, we upgraded our special RV sized Sleep Number bed to a king sized one.  And it feeds my frugal bones to know that though the Sleep Number bed costs about the same as other premium mattresses, it lasts twice as long.  For us, it was a no brainer.

But this post is not actually about Sleep Number beds. It’s about a new product from Sleep Number, the DualTemp layer.  The good folks at Sleep Number are sending me one to try out and report back to everyone to see how well I like it.

We decided to take a trip to our local Sleep Number store to check it out.  To be honest, I had never heard of this product before.  But it is revolutionary.  It allows you to choose the temperature of your bed.  That’s right.  You can have a heated bed in winter, and an air conditioned one in summer! And it fits on any regular bed; you don’t have to have a Sleep Number bed (but why would you not?)

But what’s even better is that you and your husband can each have a different experience.  So, if he gets hot easily (my husband), he can be on the maximum cool setting, and if you like to snuggle up warm (me) then you can have it on the minimum heat setting (at least in summer) and everyone is happy.

The DualTemp looks pretty interesting, and we can’t wait to try it!! You can see my daughter checking out one at the store.  We were told that to get the maximum experience, you’d need to be under covers (might be hard for hubby to get used to that one….he usually sleeps on top of them).  Even so, when we were laying on the bed in the store, you could feel the heat/cool.

I’ll keep you posted on our DualTemp adventures! In the meantime, stop by your local Sleep Number store to check it out.  And make sure you figure out your Sleep Number while you are there.  Mine is a 95.  My husband’s is a 55.

What kind of mattress do you have?



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