Top 7 Best Gifts for New Parents to Consider

A new baby in the family is a cause for celebration. Finding the right gift for new parents is a good way to help the new family get off to a good start. Understanding the needs of both the parents and the baby is a good way to find the ideal gift that will bring them joy and delight.

1. Practical Gifts

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Babies need a lot of gear when they are born. Car seats, strollers, high chairs, and bassinets all make great gifts for new parents. Babies grow quickly in the first year of life, so parents will constantly replace their gear to get new things.

Therefore, when purchasing gear for a new baby, find gear that is convertible and can be used for both infants and toddlers. Bassinets are adorable, but most babies grow out of them within the first few months. A convertible crib, however, can last for several years.

You can buy car seats for infants, but when the baby is about a year old, parents will have to replace it with a larger seat. Consider buying a convertible car seat which the child can use until he or she is either about four years old or 40 pounds.

High chairs make great gifts for new parents. Babies need high chairs from the time they can sit up unassisted until they are about two-years-old. A high chair is a low-cost investment that will bring the parents years of dining enjoyment with their baby.

Portable play yards also make excellent gifts for new parents. These foldable cribs allow parents to take along a sleeping and playing surface for the baby, no matter where they go. They are easy to fold and carry, and you can find them at any baby supply retailer for less than $150. Also called “pack and plays,” these portable cribs can be left at relatives homes for sleepovers. Babies typically use these cribs until they are old enough to climb out of them, at around two years old.

2. Clothing Gifts

pink clothes for baby girl with pair of booties with cute owl design

It’s fun to shop for cute baby clothes, and new parents are often bombarded with them. If you want to give the parents clothing gifts, there are a few things to remember. Newborns often stay home most of the time, so fancy outfits are cute but often impractical. Onesies, hats, scratch mittens, and socks are great gifts for newborns.

If you want to buy outfits for the new baby, consider the season when the baby will be born. If the baby is born in July, for example, consider buying fall outfits in 3-6 month size. For winter babies, buy spring and summer outfits in larger sizes.

Don’t forget outerwear when shopping for baby clothes. Many new parents are thrilled to receive tiny little outfits and cute hats, but few receive much-needed coats, hats, and other cold-weather gear. If your new parents live in a cold climate, consider giving gifts of outerwear that they can use to keep the newborn warm.

3. Daily Care Gifts

The best gifts for new parents are those that they will repeatedly use for months or years. Diapers, bathing supplies, bottles, wipes, and bibs all make great gifts. Newborns go through about 10-12 diapers a day in the first few months, so the new parents will be buying plenty of diapers each week. A few boxes or a monthly shipment of diapers will go a long way in providing for the new parents.

Babies also use a lot of bottles. Even breastfed babies use bottles from time to time, so you can’t go wrong with bottles. You can buy them in a variety of sizes, from small bottles for newborns to larger bottles for toddlers. New parents often lose bottles, so helping them keep a steady stock is always welcome.

Other gifts like baby wash, bathtubs, towels, burp cloths, and bibs are great gifts for new parents.

4. Sentimental Gifts

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If there is one thing that new parents like to do it’s preserve memories of their little one’s first years of life. Hand-print kits, picture frames, first tooth boxes, and custom knit blankets are excellent sentimental gifts for new parents. Consider giving the new parents an engraved photo frame with the baby’s name and date of birth. Bronzed baby shoes are a classic, vintage gift. Thus, if you’re willing to wait a year, offer to have their baby’s shoes encased in bronze.

Home decor gifts are excellent ways to treat new parents. Consider buying decorative letters for the baby’s nursery, curtains for the nursery windows or a comfy rug for the floor. A tiny lamp, decorative mobile or wall hanging will make a thoughtful gift.

5. Service Gifts

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New parents are often exhausted and overwhelmed with parenting duties. Offer to give them a night off and sit with the baby while they go out for a nice dinner. You can also pay for a private photography session for the new family so that they can have a lifetime of memories.

You can also treat them to a gift card for dinner and a movie, or offer them a couple of massage sessions. Bringing food to their home right after the baby is born is another great service gift that you can give to the new parents.

6. Financial Gifts

Some of the longest lasting gifts for new parents are stocks, bonds, and investment accounts. These gifts can become valuable over the years, giving the parents a gift that will continue to support the child through his teen and adult years.

You can buy some shares of stock and have it presented to the parents in a custom made frame, complete with the baby’s name. Other family members buy life insurance policies or enroll the new baby in a college savings plan.

7. Toys

baby hand reaching for toy

What childhood is complete without toys and books? Infants like soft toys like stuffed animals, while toddlers prefer toys that they can manipulate like blocks, colorful balls, and toy keys. Books are always a thoughtful gift and are a great way to start baby’s first library.


When it comes to finding the best gifts for new parents, there are many great options. Find the right one today.

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