12 Cute Things to Do with Toddlers for Some Quality Family Time

Recognizing the importance of family time can help you to live a more fulfilling life and develop stronger bonds with your children. However, finding new ways to amuse toddlers without spending a huge amount of money can feel challenging. Instead of wasting time developing plans, add some of these activities into your schedule.

father with beard holding cute baby girl toddler in hands

1. Walk in Nature

One of the things to do with toddlers is to venture out on a nature walk. This is also an activity that helps them to learn. Consider bringing along a children’s book that shows different plants and animals so that you can point them out when you see them. On this walk, you may want to collect different leaves or rocks so that you can assemble a crafty project when you return home. This science collection can stay with your family as a precious memory.

 2. Play Music

You probably have some toys for your toddlers that play music. However, this time, consider using real instruments if you have a talent for one. For example, perhaps you play the piano. Kids can start to take formal lessons at a young age. Therefore, if your children have expressed an interest in music, start showing them how to play.

3. Put on a Show

Whether you make figures out of fabric and ice cream sticks or you have some puppets in the toy chest, putting on a show can help your toddlers to express their creativity. You may want to help them figure out the plot. However, if you have more than one kid, see what they come up with and act as the clapping audience yourself.

4. Build a Family Tree

While your children are likely too young to explore the intricate details of a complex family tree, you can turn learning about relatives into a fun activity. Draw a big tree for them on a large poster. Then, you can put the different family members’ names and how they are related to your toddlers. Let your kids draw pictures next to the names that remind them of each person. As your kids grow, you could add to this tree and tell them more about their history. Add a mystery or exciting tone to make the stories sound compelling.

5. Bake

toddler on the kitchen floor playing with pot lid taken from open cupboard

The thought of baking with your toddlers might seem like a huge mess. Nonetheless, sometimes that’s what things to do with toddlers are. As long as the mess doesn’t get out of control, letting your house be less-than-tidy for awhile can prove fun. When you’re baking, you can start to even introduce some basic math skills. Also, you can show them how to clean up after themselves. The aftermath will be delightful family moments with sweet flavors and fragrances and laughs.

6. Donate

As your babies turn into toddlers, giving away some of their clothes and toys might seem sad. However, you can turn this experience into one that shows your little ones the power of giving. Sit down with them and explain that not everyone has the toys and clothes that they have.

Sometimes, things to do with toddlers can help other people. If you feel as though your kids are too young to understand the permanency of donating a toy, consider starting with clothes that they don’t fit into anymore.

7. Paint the Walls

You might be laughing at the thought of allowing your toddler to paint the walls. However, you’ve probably used or seen this approach to select a new color for the house. If you are planning to paint a bare wall, bring in some samples and let your little ones put the color on the walls. Of course, you’ll want to pursue this activity with a reminder that they can only paint on the walls if given permission to do so.

 8. Swim

When it comes to things to do with toddlers, you want to keep safety as one of the core responsibilities. Providing them with safety skills that they can use in the future is one of the ways to do so. If you have a pool, you may want to hire a private instructor to show both of you how to be safer in the water. Plenty of communities also offer swim lessons.

9. Take a Trip

If you have a little bit more money in the budget, consider going on a vacation. The trip does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Instead, you can pursue one of the many kid-oriented locations in the country. Since your kids are toddlers, you have a bonus. You don’t have to worry about waiting for a school break to go on vacation. Therefore, you can choose to travel at a time when costs and crowds are reduced.

10. Host a Theme Party

Chances are that your little one has a favorite television show or character from a book. Whether their birthdays or a holiday is coming up, consider throwing a little party based on that theme. You may want to invite friends from daycare or from the neighborhood.

11. Visit the Amusement Park or Carnival

At some point, your kids will be big enough to go on rides by themselves. At another point, they will want to go to the amusement park or carnival with their friends while you stay at home. Therefore, now is the time to hop on some of the rides with your kids as a family. Take pictures of them while they enjoy themselves on rides made for toddlers to experience the fun moments on their own or with mommy or daddy.

12. Make a Photo Album

young couple of parents looking at family photo album with a picture of happy baby girl

You’ll want to remember and cherish all of these memories that you’re making now. A photo album is one way to do so. Many photos are placed and shared online these days. Instead of taking that approach, make an old-fashioned one.

If you want to order a book online, sit down with the kids so that they can help you to pick out the pictures to include. In the future, you can remember all of the things to do with toddlers that you covered together.

 Final Word

Your kids are only toddlers for a short period of time. Anytime you have some spare moments, share them with your little one and don’t waste these precious gifts. Instead, explore some new activities and these things to do with toddlers that can help you to bond with your little ones.

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