How to Sell Products from Home to Earn an Extra Income

The cost of living and raising a family is ever-increasing and if you’re feeling the financial stress, you’re not alone. It can be hard to make extra money, especially when you are restricted by the everyday responsibilities of being an adult. But the age we live in can offer you a variety of options to help you make extra money without leaving your home. Read on to find out how to sell products from home to supplement your income.

1. Get Your First Great Idea

making your own skincare products

If you’re wanting to sell products from home, you will need to spend some serious time brainstorming. You should ask yourself questions like what do you enjoy? What are your talents? If you are selling or making something you enjoy, you are more likely to feel and become successful.

For example, if you are passionate about crafting, cooking, or other creative artistry, maybe you should consider making your own products to sell. If you are passionate about jewelry, fashion, home décor, health and wellness, and makeup, maybe you could consider direct-selling these types of products.

2. Get to Know Your Products

Before you learn how to sell products from home, you should get to know your products. Any successful business person knows that you cannot just sell any product, and there a few things you should focus on. The product you are selling should be chosen based on these 3, core factors:

  • Cost: You want to be able to make a good profit off of each sale, so you should focus on products that do not cost much to manufacture or buy. Beware however, since you need to balance cost and quality properly.
  • Portability: If you are selling products from home, you will need to maximize your shipping-capabilities. The products should be able to be shipped easily and affordably.
  • Convenience: Surprisingly, this may be the most important factor because no matter what type of product you sell, it must be something customers need. The product should make life easier and/or better in some way.

3. Know Your Target Market and Educate Yourself

know your target audience

Products are marketed to more specific people for a reason. Women are more likely to buy jewelry/fashion, and maybe men are more likely to buy products that make their jobs/personal lives easier. No matter what product you choose to sell, you need to educate yourself about who you are selling it to. This target market is who you will primarily focus your marketing and advertising to.

You should also familiarize yourself with the product’s general market. Is the market for these products competitive? How competitive? What could you do to set yourself apart?

4. Find the Right Business to Join/Start Making Your Product

After you have decided what type of product you may want to sell, you need to figure out how you will do it. If you are making your own products to sell, you should start making them and testing them on possible customers (family, friends, etc.). This can give you a good base to start from to test out how your products are liked, factors you should changes, and possible price-changes.

If you have decided to sell already-made products through a direct-sales company, do so with care. Do research on various companies, their pay, their requirements, and all of their fine-print. You can find a variety of reputable companies that allow you to sell their fashion, jewelry, makeup, health, and other products from home.

5. When You Can, Always Buy Wholesale

If you have to purchase products or items to make your products, you must approach it with a good business sense. When you buy wholesale, you can buy large amounts of items for a lower cost per item. This means spending more money up-front, but also gaining more back in profit with each sale. Shop around and never purchase more than you can handle selling.

6. Become a Savvy Business Person

online bank transaction

Learning how to sell products from home means you will need to become your own accountant, bookkeeper, and manager. If you are serious about selling, try opening a new bank account that is only used for work-purposes. This makes everything easier when it comes to taxes.

Obviously, you will always need to arrange for a way for customers to actually buy your product. Figure out how you will receive payment and ensure your customers’ transactions are always safe. You should also familiarize with business software to keep track of your revenue, expenses, and more.

7. Market Your Products (and Yourself)

In today’s world, it’s all about how you market your products. You can create your own website, use social media, advertise locally, make business cards, and put yourself out there. You should encourage everyone you know and all of your customers to review your products, distribute cards, and invite their friends to take an interest.

8. Respect Your Customers

Successful entrepreneurs know that taking care of your customers should be your top priority. When a customer places an order, you should make sure the product is shipped expeditiously and with care. The package should be presented in a way that makes a good impression when it arrives. If a customer is upset with their order, always offer refunds or exchanges. This aides in having a great relationship with customers.

9. Keep Branching Out

When you are just beginning, you should consider starting out with only a few products. Once you get your feet wet and start to really understand your side-business, start branching out. It can be profitable for you to start extending your product-base and offering a wider variety of options. As you keep extending this base, you can start moving up to bigger and better things.


Our current society has created the ideal environment for people to be able to make a little extra money from home. If you are among the many that want to get your hands dirty learn how to sell products from home, remember to do your research, maximize your profits, and always stay ambitious.

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