7 Steps to Creating a Stay at Home Mom Schedule

One of the key components to being a stay at home is the ability to plan and organize. As a stay at home mom you have tons of tasks, schedules, chores, and errands to keep track of. In addition to remembering everything you need to do on a daily basis, you have to handle all of the little things that pop-up unannounced. To help keep your sanity and organization top-notch, try following these steps to create a stay at home mom schedule.

mom cooking food while watching the kids

1. Decide Your Priorities

Before you create a plan, schedule or routine for your life, you need to decide what is most important to you and your daily routine. To help you prioritize, try making a list with three separate columns: essential, necessary, and extra. Before you begin, remember that your list of priorities will always be different than another mom’s.

The essential column should be where you list the things that make you and your family happy and healthy. These things are what you believe are fundamental to the well-being and growth of your family. This column could include things like personal time, date nights, family time, vacations, game night, going to the gym, your kids’ sports activities, and personal interests.

The necessary column should be where you list all the things you have to do to main your home, kids, and life. You could add things like cooking, cleaning, making a budget, baths/showers, laundry, etc. This list is mostly for things that are part of your routine.

The extra column should be where you list all non-essential things. You could include things like TV time, vacations, shopping, home improvement, playdates, or other extra-curriculars to this list.

2. Get an Agenda, Planner, or Calendar

There’s no way you can make a stay at home mom schedule without the proper supplies. An easy way to not only keep-track of all your tasks but also soothe anxiety is to write it all out. If something is written down, it’s easier for you to remember. Get yourself an agenda or a planner that allows you to keep track of tasks and plan ahead. If you’re more creative, you can get extra supplies like pens, highlighters, and other stationary products to help you feel more organized.

You can write down daily and long-term tasks, as well as remind yourself of birthdays and other special events. A great way to feel organized and relaxed in preparation for the day is to take a few minutes each morning and list-out your daily tasks and schedule. You’ll feel less worried about remembering what you need to do, and let’s face it: everyone loves a cute, bright, and bold agenda.

planner to create a stay at home mom schedule

3. Try Time-Management

Some stay at home moms feel completely overwhelmed by the large number of things they must do in the day and the minimum time they have to do them. When you begin a stay at home mom schedule, try managing your time in a literal way.

For example, at 6:00 AM you may wake up, at 6:30 AM you may wake the kids up for school, and at 7:30 you need to leave the house for school. Creating this literal schedule for yourself provides you with discipline and routine that works best for you.

4. Delegate Chores and Tasks

As part of your stay at home mom schedule, you may want to start delegating tasks. The benefit of structure and routine through a schedule can be beneficial to more than just you. Routines are great for the structure and development of kids, and the more help you have with any work, the better. When you create your schedule, also create a routine schedule for the kids and/or your spouse.

For instance, on Saturdays your husband may be responsible for mowing the lawn, while on Tuesdays a child may be responsible for taking out the trash. A child could be responsible for feeding animals every day or putting away their own laundry. Not only does this help you out, but it also creates a great routine that keeps you organized.

little boy vacuuming

5. Tackle LAUNDRY

As most stay at home moms know, laundry is one of the most cumbersome tasks imaginable. Since we understand that laundry becomes never-ending when you’re a stay at home mom, we’ve given it its own section. Many moms find that creating a schedule for their family’s laundry helps keep a routine that will minimize your daily stress. Manage your laundry schedule around the needs of your family; break the large task into smaller loads throughout the week to use that time for other things.

6. Ensure You Add in Downtime

Your day may be crazy from the beginning and it can easy to add a multitude of tasks to your schedule, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Downtime or fun-time should be part of your stay at home mom schedule, or you’ll end up burning yourself out. This is when you can really put your priority-list to good-use. Your schedule will mostly be filled with the essential and necessary things, but your schedule should have things from the extra column sprinkled in as well. Don’t forget that these things are also a priority.

7. Don’t Expect Perfection

Even though you could fill your schedule up to the brim, you should understand that there must be flexibility in that schedule. It may not be possible to accomplish every single task and learning to prioritize these tasks is key to your sanity and organization. Creating that priority-list we’ve talked about can help you understand what is most important throughout the day, and help you stress less about the things you cannot get done. Remember that no one is perfect and schedules are never set in stone.

Summing Up

The best stay at home mom schedule is the one that works best for you and your family. As each of our priorities are different, you must decide what is important to the health, happiness, and growth of your own family. Creating a schedule is an ideal way of organizing chaos, reducing stress, utilizing your creativity, and boosting your self-confidence.



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