The 7 Benefits of Being a Stay at Home Mom

It is hard being a mother, and it’s almost impossible to know if every decision you’re making is the right one. Is being a working mother best? Or is being a stay at home mom ideal? This choice plagues many mothers all over the world, but each mother’s decision must be her own. If you’re trying to decide if staying at home is right for you, read-on to learn about the many benefits of being a stay at home mom.

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1. You Will Be There When It Counts

If you’re a stay at home, you’ll never miss any milestones. Your child’s first steps, first words, and other major milestones will always be experienced by you, and those are the moment’s you can never get back. In addition, you’ll always be there when you’re needed. For instance, if your child gets sick at school, you’ll never have to worry about your work schedule.

One of the benefits of being a stay at home mom is your ability to always be there. This means that you never have to juggle work schedules for sports, school, or doctor’s appointments. You will more than likely be there whenever your child needs you.

2. You Won’t Be Alone

It is true that many stay at home moms can experience feelings of loneliness if they do not seek social interaction outside of the home. But for many stay at home moms, the feeling of being surrounded by their children is comforting and makes them feel needed. You will always be there for important moments and you’ll always have someone to share these moments with.

Being around your kids all the time can be stressful, but it also creates a bond between you and your kids that is immeasurable. When you’re feeling low or alone, you’ll always have someone there to lend you a hug or make you laugh.

3. It Could Save Your Family Money

For some people, going back to work is the only option because of financial reasons. On the other hand, for many families, the benefits of being a stay at home mom can be economical. In many instances, the cost of daycare and other expenses outweighs the income you would be making at work. In the long-run, you staying home could save your family money.

In a world where finances are one of the top priorities of families, being a stay at home mom could be extremely beneficial; especially when you have multiple kids and you factor in the cost of gas, daycare, and work apparel.

4. You Are the One Raising Your Children

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It can be hard to send your children off to daycare or a babysitter. You do not know what they are doing all day, how they are being treated, and what they are being taught. For this reason, many parents opt to be a stay at home mom. Not only do you know where your child is all day and what they are doing, but you are in control of what they are being taught and how they are being raised.

Being a stay at home allows you to teach your children what you think is best, raise them in your beliefs, and stay more relaxed about the welfare of your child. You’ll never have to worry about the welfare of your children when you’re the one caring for them.

5. It Puts You in Control of the House

While many stay at home moms will complain about the amount of tasks they must perform, it’s also one of the many benefits of being a stay at home mom. A stay at home mom is often in control of the majority of the family’s life, which means you do not have to worry about things getting done.

As a stay at home mom you’ll be in-charge of the house, the kids, schedules, and even paying the bills. Being in-control of these things ensures you always know that things are getting done and your family is where they are supposed to be. Instead of relying on others throughout the day, a stay at home mom is resourceful and organized.

6. You Won’t Miss Out

Many parents miss out on important things because they are working. Whether the working parent cannot make it to a game or practice, be there for a birthday, or an important school function. As a stay at home mom, you’ll always be there for your kids. Not only does this create great memories for you, but it’s extremely advantageous for your children to have continuous support.

Your children grow each and every day. Some days you make look at them and think they’ve aged overnight. As a stay at home mom, you do not miss out on any of those little or momentous occasions. You won’t miss out on any of your family’s moments as a stay at home mom.

7. It Could Benefit the Entire Family

Studies have shown that stay at home moms have an extraordinary effect on their families. Children tend to do better in-school with stay at home parents, and they tend to hit developmental milestones quicker than other children. This is mostly because a stay at home mom is dedicated 100 percent to her family, ensuring they receive all the proper things they need.

Benefits of being a stay at home mom could also extend to your significant other. When your spouse comes home from work, you do not have to argue about the work that needs to be done since you’ve both worked all day. You could have more time to spend together, and your spouse will have less to stress-out about when they are home.

Summing Up

A stay at home mom gets to spend all the time in the world with her family and be there for the most important moments. There are many benefits of being a stay at home mom, but it isn’t for everyone. You should discuss your options with your family and make the decision that benefits you and your family most.



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