9 Best Typing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms work hard every day to take care of their families and households. While the benefits of being at home are plentiful, it can take a hit on your income. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to make money from home, with many only requiring a computer and internet-connection. We’ve compiled a list of the best typing jobs for stay at home moms, to help you make a little extra money without leaving the place where you’re needed most.

1. Data Entry

doing data entry

Since the dawn of the internet, data entry has been one of the most popular typing jobs for stay at home moms. It doesn’t require much skill to get involved, except for great attention to detail. Most companies that offer data entry jobs may require you work a specific-amount of hours, but there is still an immense freedom for choosing when you are able to work.

Data entry simply involves taking data that is provided to you and entering it into some sort of spreadsheet or system. The type of data you are responsible for will vary by which industry you are working in.

2. Medical Transcription

Transcription is a popular job done on the computer, but there are a variety of different types of transcription jobs. Medical transcription requires experience and sometimes even certification. Those who work in this field must be familiar with medical terminology, etc. and have a keen attention to detail. Medical transcriptionists typically choose their hours but are required to fulfill a certain workload.

3. General Transcription

Though medical transcription may require some prior medical knowledge, general transcription requires little to no-experience. Transcription jobs can fall into a variety of industry-categories, but usually only require a computer, headphones, and good listening skills. Employees typically are paid per-transcription, so you can work as much or as little as you’d like. Transcribing simply involves you listening to an audio or video-file and making printed versions of the file you are listening to.

4. Writing/Blogging

woman writing on her blog

Before the wide world of the internet expanded our capabilities, writers usually only existed in books and newspapers. Today’s world is a little different, and remote-writing jobs are some of the most common typing jobs for stay at home moms. With a little writing skill and natural adeptness for the English language, you can write for a variety of companies and industries.

Remote writers, freelance writers, and bloggers are always needed to voice their opinion on products, lifestyle subjects, politics, world events, and more. Writers who work from home are typically allowed to choose their own hours, but also have deadlines which they are required to meet.

5. Editing

Becoming an editor takes a little more skill than being a blogger. Not only must editors have a keen attention-to-detail, but they must have extensive knowledge of the English language and grammar. Editors are responsible for proofreading or editing pieces of literature, before it is published. They pick out flaws, make recommendations, and may work on strict deadlines.

Requirements to become an editor may seem a little steep, with most companies requiring a degree of some-sort for employment. You must be able to edit literature, provide feedback, and have tremendous typing skills.

6. Web Development

Web Development is fancy term for the production of websites. Web developers write code, help determine how sites will appear, and combine all the necessary elements together; like applications and graphics. Since all of this is computer – and internet-related, web developing jobs are often provided to remote employers, making it one of the most common-sense typing jobs for stay at home moms.

This job isn’t for everyone however, since you need to have some previous computer skills in order to become a web developer. Many companies may also require a certain-level of education or work-experience.

7. Social Media Management

social media channelsMost companies across all industries have jumped on the social media bandwagon. Their social media presence is important to the profitability and popularity of their company and must be managed. For this reason, many companies hire remote-employees to handle and manage their social media sites. These types of employees don’t need to be in an office setting and can easily work from home.

Social media managers oversee customer satisfaction, reviews, upcoming events, pertinent information about the company and more. You may not be required to work set-hours but may be required to complete certain tasks in order to get paid.

8. Online Customer Service

 Customer service is an integral part of every industry. Many companies hire remote-employees to help handle customer service from home, and it’s becoming one of the quickest-growing typing jobs for stay at home moms out there. Customer service agents may be available to customers through real-time chat browsers that allow them ask questions. This job typically requires that you work set-hours, but companies are typically understanding of any special considerations.

9. Translation

If you can speak a second language, you should consider this transcribing job. Translating is one of the best-paying typing jobs for stay at home moms, because of simple supply-and-demand. You can usually set your own hours, so long as you meet your required deadlines, and the only equipment you need is a computer and a pair of headphones.

This job simply involves translating written or audio files from one language to another. Speaking another language is a skill that is less-often seen and is more sought-after. In addition to your language-fluency, you’ll want to ensure you have spectacular attention to detail and discipline.

Summing Up

If you’re looking to make some extra money, while still being able to stay at home and take care of your family, there are a variety of jobs out there for you. With a little organization, dedication, a computer, and a connection to the internet, you could be earning extra money in no-time. The typing jobs for stay at home moms you’ve seen here can give you the freedom you need and the ability to earn some extra income for your family.



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