Need To Freshen Up Your Home?

Are you a stay at home mother looking for something to do around the house? Why not tidy it up a little bit? It’s important to keep the house nice and clean, and if you have the time there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be cleaning it. Having a clean and organized house helps you to feel better and less stressed.

Whether or not your doing your weekly or monthly cleaning or the seasonal time to spring clean, buying the best cleaning supplies, that are affordable is a key element in making your home feel fresh, smell fresh, and look clean. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen, living room, there’s a supply for everything and every surface.

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Even if you don’t want to clean, you can freshen up the house with purchasing new homeware for anything, especially the kitchen or giving a room a new look with interior decorating. In most cases stay at home mothers are home for the sake of their children, so why not put them to work with some cleaning chores, or helping you decorate.

Bathroom Supplies

One of the best online resources for ordering bathroom supplies would be from ULINE. They’re quick with delivery and they have affordable products. It’s  guaranteed that they have almost anything that you could possibly be looking for. You want products that will last and not fall apart after a use or two. Reviews have stated that people have ordered from this company and they are truly quick with getting your products right to you. Also, they hold up of these bathroom products such as; cleaners, toilet scrub, floor shine, etc., has lasted quite a long time according to the reviews that were read over.


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Kitchen Supplies

Finding kitchen supplies to clean your kitchen could come from the same source, but what about if you’re looking into purchasing new kitchenware? It’s important that you keep up with new products and get rid of old ones. Out with the old and in with the new! One of the top rated sources to buy new kitchenware comes from WebstaurantStore. They carry a variety of essential supplies that you need right in your kitchen. The products are definitely reasonably priced. This resource is generally recommended for restaurants to purchase from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your kitchenware from there too! The WebstaurantStore is rated as one of the top sites to get kitchenware and even janitorial supplies from. Mainly, the holdup of these products is what’s most important, so the company always makes sure that they are made with quality.


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One customer reviewed and stated:

 “I initially stumbled upon this store when I was looking for these big glass goblets that I had seen at a Caribbean restaurant during a vacation trip. Since then, Webstaurant has become my favorite online shop for everything cooking, baking and bar related…”

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Looking into organic cleaning supplies for your home? Check out Seventh Generation! They have a wide selection of organic and natural products that are best to use when cleaning because they’re safe, especially if you have little ones. Seventh generation also has organic and natural baby products as well. Here’s a quick video from the Seventh Generation site itself, explaining their mission and why to go organic:

If you’re interested in Seventh Generation, below are some of their top-rated items:


Seventh Generation’s disinfecting wipes are their top of the line product right now.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generation’s natural laundry detergent is one of the top-rated products that they have to offer.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generations naturally scented and alcohol free wipes.

Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 384 Count


Seventh Generation’s Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers. Made with no chemicals, and perfect for ones with sensitive skin.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers, Original Unprinted, Size 4, 135 Count


Seventh Generation’s Natural Unscented dishwasher detergent.

Seventh Generation Auto Dish Pacs, Free and Clear, 45 Count

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If you’re looking to get a whole bundle of things from Amazon, look to this new pantry box! All that’s required is Amazon Prime. This is an awesome way to get a bunch of things in one. Let’s say you need cleaning supplies and other items, you can pick and choose what you want to go into the box, and it’s only $5.99, which is the shipping cost. It also gets delivered right to your house! What’s better than that?

Redesign and Organize Your Home

Interior decorating is another way to spice up your home and make it feel new and fresh. This gives you an open window to be as creative as you want to be! One of the best sites to look into when planning to re-design a room would be Decorating Den Interiors. They have everything from floor covering, furniture, wall designs, bedding, etc. This would be a great idea if you were planning to redecorate a kids playroom, bedroom, or bathroom. This site offers portfolios for customers to see rooms already put together and then you can pick items that you like or may be interested in. If you can’t find a local store, you are always able to purchase items from online and get them delivered to you!

Not only does Decorating Den Interiors focus on decorating, but they also have a tab for closet and storage. They can transform any tight space into something functionable for you and of course make it look nice. If you’re having trouble finding places to store things, they also have products for this and you can find it in the same place. They have various storage shelves and cabinets that you can look through and find what would look best.

Decorating your child’s room? Check out the Children’s Rooms Archives tab. There’s various portfolios to look through if you’re looking for ideas as to how you want to decorate your rooms. They have toddler style rooms, little kids, and also styles for teens. It’s all personal preference.


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Check out this video from the Decorating Den! You can see just a view quick room portfolios, though the site has much more to offer. If you want to get in contact with someone from the Den, call 1-800-332-3367.

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Sleep Number Dual Temp

I love Sleep Number beds.  We splurged and purchased one when we were traveling in the RV after my husband had weeks of backaches, and have not had a bad night since.  When we decided to settle down earlier this year to be closer to family, we upgraded our special RV sized Sleep Number bed to a king sized one.  And it feeds my frugal bones to know that though the Sleep Number bed costs about the same as other premium mattresses, it lasts twice as long.  For us, it was a no brainer.

But this post is not actually about Sleep Number beds. It’s about a new product from Sleep Number, the DualTemp layer.  The good folks at Sleep Number are sending me one to try out and report back to everyone to see how well I like it.

We decided to take a trip to our local Sleep Number store to check it out.  To be honest, I had never heard of this product before.  But it is revolutionary.  It allows you to choose the temperature of your bed.  That’s right.  You can have a heated bed in winter, and an air conditioned one in summer! And it fits on any regular bed; you don’t have to have a Sleep Number bed (but why would you not?)

But what’s even better is that you and your husband can each have a different experience.  So, if he gets hot easily (my husband), he can be on the maximum cool setting, and if you like to snuggle up warm (me) then you can have it on the minimum heat setting (at least in summer) and everyone is happy.

The DualTemp looks pretty interesting, and we can’t wait to try it!! You can see my daughter checking out one at the store.  We were told that to get the maximum experience, you’d need to be under covers (might be hard for hubby to get used to that one….he usually sleeps on top of them).  Even so, when we were laying on the bed in the store, you could feel the heat/cool.

I’ll keep you posted on our DualTemp adventures! In the meantime, stop by your local Sleep Number store to check it out.  And make sure you figure out your Sleep Number while you are there.  Mine is a 95.  My husband’s is a 55.

What kind of mattress do you have?

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Chobani Champions Yogurt Tubes Review

When my kids were little, we’d play the “75% Rule” at the grocery store.  I’d tell them that if they could not pronounce 75% of the ingredients of any product, then I would not buy it for them.  This was more in an attempt to clear processed junk from their diets, though it did help them learn to read better as well!

Early on in our game I was shocked to realize that most yogurt, you know, good-ole healthy, always acceptable for any kids’ diet yogurt, did not pass the 75% Rule.  I had never really realized that it was full of High Fructose Corn Syrup (which, ironically, the kids learned to pronounce pretty-darn quick).  And not just the “kids” flavors and varieties.  Most commercial yogurt.

I love yogurt. But I literally banned it from my house, with exception of some of the organic varieties that had all natural ingredients.  But, to be honest, the flavor was not as good in those varieties, so we didn’t buy it often.

This was several years ago, before Greek Yogurt had really caught on over here.  Thank goodness it did!  I absolutely LOVE Greek Yogurt! And I love the fact that there are so many options when it comes to finding varieties without scary ingredients.  My favorite Greek yogurt brand (and I have tried every brand I can find) based on flavor, variety, and price is Chobani.  For the past year and a half I have eaten one, sometimes two Chobani Greek yogurt cups per day.  Sometimes I get the plain variety and mix it with strawberries or blueberries for breakfast.  Sometimes I even blend it to make a smoothie.

I had never tried their Chobani Champions Yogurt Tubes, mainly because I really didn’t know they existed! The “kid” yogurt is in it’s own area in the yogurt section, away from the Greek yogurt cups, and I had long ago gotten used to avoiding the kid section.   So, I am pretty excited that Chobani offered to send me a case of Champions Tubes for my family to enjoy!

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A case of yogurt.  To put this in perspective, each box contains 8 yogurt tubes, and there were (yes, most definitely past tense) 8 boxes, so that’s 64 yogurt tubes.  Now, I only have two kids (one 11 yr old girl and one 13 yr old boy, both of which are magicians who can make food disappear in far less time than it takes for me to earn the money to buy it).

When we got the case delivered via FedEx (not too happy with my FedEx guy right now, but that is another story),  everyone was excited.  We got the following flavors:

  • Jammin’ Strawberry
  • Rockin’ Blueberry
  • Swirlin’ Strawberry Banana
  • Chillin’ Cherry

I really don’t care for strawberry yogurt personally, but was planning on trying one of the strawberry banana so I could tell you all if having real fruit, instead of “flavors” would have made a difference.  Alas! I waited too long, and when I went to look for some it was already gone.

In fact, all 8 boxes disappeared in days.

As I was unpacking, I went over the ingredients list on the boxes (not that I’d find anything funky with Chobani; I was already quite familiar with their quality brand) and was pleased to see that 100% of the ingredients were pronounceable! I put a box of Chillin’ Cherry in the freezer to make fro-yo, grabbed a tube of Rockin Blueberry to try, and put the rest in the fridge.

What followed was the yogurt version of an Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids knew that I was doing this review and needed to taste it all  myself so I could write about it, but apparently they could not help themselves.  Within a couple of days, I could not locate any boxes in the fridge.  What I did locate was wrappers….everywhere!

My family is odd.  When they sneak food, instead of burying the wrappers in the trashcan below other trash so no one will find it (you know, like you and I did as a kid) they will stash the wrappers elsewhere in the house. Behind the couch.  Under a mattress.  In their dirty clothes.  And its not just the kids! My husband does it too!

I found empty Chobani tubes in backpacks, in the trash can in the bathroom, under pillow cases, in the washer, next to the refrigerator, and behind my computer.  The real kicker is the ones I found in my huband’s nightstand drawer.  I even found some outside, which my daughter told me got there because while she was quietly doing homework at the kitchen table, a neighbor friend proceeded to enter our home, go to the fridge, take a WHOLE BOX of Chobani Champions and distribute them to the other kids outside. Of course, my innocent daughter wasn’t a part of this neighborhood yogurt crime circle.

In a matter of days they were all gone.  Luckily, my husband shared his hidden stash of the cherry and blueberry with me.  No strawberry to be found (they knew I don’t like strawberry).

I guess you could say my family enjoyed the Chobani Champions.  In fact, as I was running out to pick up groceries last night, my son called to me, “make sure you get more of those yogurt tubes.”  Yeah, I foresee a LOT of yogurt tubes in our future.

Do you like yogurt? What is your household’s favorite snack?

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Bissell Perfect Sweep Sweeper Review

Ok, apparently somewhere along the way in life, no one told me about sweepers.  Oh, I’ve owned plenty of vacuums.  They’re heavy and they cost a lot of money.  When I was a kid, I thought I could suck my toes up into them when I vacuumed my room (which I got in trouble for NOT doing every Wednesday…my mom didn’t buy the “I’m afraid of the vacuum cleaner” excuse.)

But I never learned that a sweeper was something no household should be without! But lucky for me (and for all those of you out there who are also uninformed) the good folks at Bissell decided to send me a Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Sweeper to review for this site.

I gotta tell you, I am absolutely in love with my Bissell Turbo Sweeper (can you be in love with an appliance?…apparently, if it cleans the house you can!)  It is small, lightweight, and more powerful than you can imagine. Let me tell you…this thing SUCKS! In a good way, lol.  It is cordless.  You have to plug it in to charge it.  We keep in in our dining room corner.

When I first got it, I figured it would be ideal for sweeping our stairs.  They are carpeted, and it is a pain in the rear to try to balance our heavy vacuum cleaner and use the little wand to suck up debris at the same time.  But the Bissell Turbo Sweeper is perfect! In fact, its so easy, I have relinquished “stair sweeping” to my daughter’s to-do list.

I also use it to sweep the entry way rug every morning, as well as the kitchen rugs.  But my favorite use is in our front bathroom, our “kitty” bathroom.  Invariably, every morning after we “scoop poop” in the litter box, there are litter crumbs.  That, and the kitties are not the best at getting it out of their paws in the box, no, they prefer to wipe their feet on the mat outside the box.  So, as part of my son’s morning chores, he uses the Bissell Turbo Sweeper on the bathroom tile floor and the rubber kitty mat.  Works like a charm.

And the price is perfect.  It’s only $35 on Amazon (BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper, 2880A).  Every mom needs one of these for all of life’s little spills.

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