10 Great Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms without Investment

Being a stay at home mom is a hard job. It involves multi-tasking, great organization, and serious dedication. And while it’s one of the hardest jobs on the planet, being a stay at home mom doesn’t pay very well. If you’re like many and want to start earning money, but don’t want to get ripped off, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the best online jobs for stay at home moms without investment requirements or the possibility of a scam.

1. Writing or Blogging

laptop and office supplies

There are a ton of companies out there that hire employees to work remotely, writing content. You don’t need to invest any money, as you get paid for your time by the hour or by the order. Freelance writers typically create short articles that cover industries like lifestyle, entertainment, technology, politics, and more. You must have a natural-talent for writing and a good knowledge of the English language. Freelance writers can typically make their own hours and complete projects as they want.

2. Editing or Proofreading

Becoming an editor or proofreader doesn’t require any type of investment, but your employer may require a degree of some kind. As an editor, you proofread and edit the works of other people, so you’ll need to have an excellent knowledge of grammar and the English language. Editing is one of the highest-paying online jobs for stay at home moms without investment, though the requirements are typically higher as well.

3. Search Engine Evaluation

Though you may not need to have a degree or special training for this type of online job, you should be knowledgeable about the internet, social media, and SEO content. Companies hire remote employees to rate and evaluate the relevancy of search results when using specific keywords. These companies want to ensure that their content reaches the eyes they want it to, and you are responsible for ensuring search engines turn-up the right content. Search engine evaluators are quickly becoming one of the most popular online jobs for stay at home moms without investment.

4. Web Development or Coding

programming languages

If you are hired by a company to develop webpages or code, you won’t need to invest any money. You would be hired as a regular employee, who works remotely from home. Web developers and coders may be required to have a degree or specialized training, though hours can vary. Deadlines are usually required and project-time can vary. In this job, you would be responsible for developing and creating websites and creating code for various applications and tools.

5. Virtual Assisting

Busy professionals and small businesses are taking advantage of virtual assistants, who have the same type of job description as a traditional assistant. It can be easier for these professionals to outsource small tasks and to-do lists to employees who can take care of the problems from their home. Virtual assistants are paid like a normal employee and are responsible for things like making appointments, filtering phone calls, placing orders, and more.

6. Data Entry

doing data entry

Data entry simply means that you are taking data from one source or system and placing them into a new spreadsheet or system. This allows important data to be transferred properly, and many companies outsource this work to remote employees. While you may be able to choose your own hours, you are typically required to meet certain deadlines. You would be able to work when you choose, with just a computer and an internet connection.

7. Tutoring or Teaching

Online teaching has become a popular option for learning all around the world. Employers will pay you to teach people simple subjects like math and science, or even to teach a second language. These employers generally require you to have an educational degree or degree for teaching, though those are typically the only requirements. You can choose the caseload you are most comfortable with but may be required to “teach” or “tutor” at certain times, since your students will have their own schedules to work around. You can teach young children, all the way up to adults.

8. Social Media Management

social media channels

Managing a company’s social media presence has created some of the best online jobs for stay at home moms without investment. As a remote employee, you are responsible for taking care of a company’s social media presence. This means handling customer reviews or complaints, filtering content, and editing information. Companies today know that their presence and reputation on the internet is essential to its success, and also know that they need disciplined, skilled workers to handle it.

9. Online Survey Taking

This is one of the lowest paying online jobs for stay at home moms without investment on the list, but it’s great if you’re looking for something to help you earn a little extra cash. You can work whenever you want and are typically paid per-survey. Surveys can be extremely short or time-consuming but are usually easy to fill out. Shorter surveys typically pay less than larger ones, and you’ll need to complete an array of surveys to make any substantial money.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You’ll need a little more experience and determination to get into affiliate marketing; one of the quickest-growing online jobs for stay at home moms without investment. This subset of digital marketing involves advertising and marketing products from a business. When the product or service sells, you earn a commission. You may be an affiliate for larger companies looking to sell their products. Your job is to get the link (product) out there, so more people are clicking on it.

Wrapping Up

There are ways for you to make money as a stay at home mom, without running the risk of getting ripped off. The online jobs for stay at home moms without investment that you’ve seen here today can set you on the right path to earning extra money while you’re at home. These jobs can help you earn a paycheck while affording you the opportunity to stay at home and take care of the most important thing: your family.

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8 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms with No Experience

When you’re a stay at home mom, you have a lot on your plate. As nice as it is to stay home with your family, there may be some drawbacks. When you need to make an income, but must do it from home, it can be hard to know where to start. What if you don’t have a lot of experience? You’re in luck, since we’ve compiled a list of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience, to help you get started on earning a little extra money for your family.

1. Virtual Assistant

woman working on her desk

Stay at home moms are excellent organizers. You organize the kids, your spouse, school, work, and everything in-between. This is why becoming a virtual assistant may be one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience. Professionals and smaller companies tend to outsource smaller jobs, or to-do lists, to virtual assistants that work remotely.

Virtual assistants do the same things as a traditional assistant, without having to leave their home. They manage tasks, emails, complete data entry, schedule meetings, handle invoices, and more. Unlike some others on the list, this job may be less flexible in its required hours.

2. Data Entry Specialist

 Data entry simply involves taking data from one location and entering them into a new system or spreadsheet. There are tons of companies that hire remote employees to work from their home, since the only thing needed to complete the job is a computer and an internet-connection. You don’t need much experience to get your foot in the door and you are typically allowed to choose your own hours; making this one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience.

Most employers require data entry specialists to have their high school diploma and that they meet certain deadlines. Data entry could involve patient information, document-verifications, claims, and more.

3. Transcriber

headset on keyboard

As long as you have good hearing, a computer, and the internet, you could begin on one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience. Transcribers can choose when they work and are typically expected to complete certain tasks within a set timeframe. It is extremely easy for beginners, and there are quite a variety of transcribing jobs out there.

Transcribing simply involves listening to a video or audio file and typing-out the file into written words. Transcribing jobs vary in the time it takes to complete each task. You’ll need to have good listening skills and superior attention-to-detail in order to transcribe properly.

4. Online Customer Service Agent

This is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience. While there are many jobs that allow remote employees to take customer service calls from home, the world of the internet means customers need a more convenient-experience. These same companies hire customer service agents who handle online services, such as real-time chat and handling returns/exchanges.

The only thing you need is a computer, the internet, and a friendly disposition to get your foot in the door. Most employees are required to work particular hours but have decent flexibility within those hours.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

The internet is an important tool to most companies. They work hard to ensure that their products, articles, and other information is in a prime location when customers search for specific keywords. Because of this, many top-companies hire remote employees to rate the relevancy of their search results.

It is a bit time-consuming, but very flexible, and all you need is a computer to get started. As an evaluator, you help search engines “learn” how to produce the most-relevant results.

6. Direct Seller

making handmade jewelry

Direct selling has been one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience, since it can be done from home and at your leisure. Stay at home moms become direct sellers for clothing, jewelry, lifestyle products, makeup, and more. Many stay at homes already find that they have the ideal situation for selling, with access to other moms/parents and friends for a customer-base.

Beware however of marketing schemes that require you to “buy into” the company. Many direct-selling schemes force employees to pay to become an employee, which forces you into a situation in-which you are only selling products to pay back a debt.

7. Survey Taker

This job may not pay as well as some others, but it’s great when you’re just looking to earn a little extra money. Many companies pay people to get on the computer and take small surveys. These surveys could be about products, companies, services, and more. They may be short or extremely long, and the amount you’re paid is typically dependent on the survey’s length. Stay at home moms find this job ideal when you can never seem to find the time to sit and work for long periods of time. You can easily complete a few surveys in-between errands, school-runs, and after kids go to bed.

8. Freelance Writer

woman writing on her blog

Writing used to be reserved for novelists and reporters. Today, there are freelance writers and bloggers all over the world that write from the comfort of their own home. Many companies hire remote employees to write about products, entertainment, lifestyle, and parenting.

As long as you have a computer, a connection to the internet, and a general sense of the English language, you can try your hand at writing. Most entry-level companies only require a sample of writing to begin, with no requirements for a degree.

Summing Up

Staying at home with your family doesn’t mean you have to go without earning an income. With little to no experience, you could help pay the bills without having to sacrifice time away from home. The best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience on this list can get you started on a path to employment; to help you gain some independence, but also a little extra money.

Give one of these jobs a try and let us know: which works best for you and your family?

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9 Best Typing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms work hard every day to take care of their families and households. While the benefits of being at home are plentiful, it can take a hit on your income. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to make money from home, with many only requiring a computer and internet-connection. We’ve compiled a list of the best typing jobs for stay at home moms, to help you make a little extra money without leaving the place where you’re needed most.

1. Data Entry

doing data entry

Since the dawn of the internet, data entry has been one of the most popular typing jobs for stay at home moms. It doesn’t require much skill to get involved, except for great attention to detail. Most companies that offer data entry jobs may require you work a specific-amount of hours, but there is still an immense freedom for choosing when you are able to work.

Data entry simply involves taking data that is provided to you and entering it into some sort of spreadsheet or system. The type of data you are responsible for will vary by which industry you are working in.

2. Medical Transcription

Transcription is a popular job done on the computer, but there are a variety of different types of transcription jobs. Medical transcription requires experience and sometimes even certification. Those who work in this field must be familiar with medical terminology, etc. and have a keen attention to detail. Medical transcriptionists typically choose their hours but are required to fulfill a certain workload.

3. General Transcription

Though medical transcription may require some prior medical knowledge, general transcription requires little to no-experience. Transcription jobs can fall into a variety of industry-categories, but usually only require a computer, headphones, and good listening skills. Employees typically are paid per-transcription, so you can work as much or as little as you’d like. Transcribing simply involves you listening to an audio or video-file and making printed versions of the file you are listening to.

4. Writing/Blogging

woman writing on her blog

Before the wide world of the internet expanded our capabilities, writers usually only existed in books and newspapers. Today’s world is a little different, and remote-writing jobs are some of the most common typing jobs for stay at home moms. With a little writing skill and natural adeptness for the English language, you can write for a variety of companies and industries.

Remote writers, freelance writers, and bloggers are always needed to voice their opinion on products, lifestyle subjects, politics, world events, and more. Writers who work from home are typically allowed to choose their own hours, but also have deadlines which they are required to meet.

5. Editing

Becoming an editor takes a little more skill than being a blogger. Not only must editors have a keen attention-to-detail, but they must have extensive knowledge of the English language and grammar. Editors are responsible for proofreading or editing pieces of literature, before it is published. They pick out flaws, make recommendations, and may work on strict deadlines.

Requirements to become an editor may seem a little steep, with most companies requiring a degree of some-sort for employment. You must be able to edit literature, provide feedback, and have tremendous typing skills.

6. Web Development

Web Development is fancy term for the production of websites. Web developers write code, help determine how sites will appear, and combine all the necessary elements together; like applications and graphics. Since all of this is computer – and internet-related, web developing jobs are often provided to remote employers, making it one of the most common-sense typing jobs for stay at home moms.

This job isn’t for everyone however, since you need to have some previous computer skills in order to become a web developer. Many companies may also require a certain-level of education or work-experience.

7. Social Media Management

social media channelsMost companies across all industries have jumped on the social media bandwagon. Their social media presence is important to the profitability and popularity of their company and must be managed. For this reason, many companies hire remote-employees to handle and manage their social media sites. These types of employees don’t need to be in an office setting and can easily work from home.

Social media managers oversee customer satisfaction, reviews, upcoming events, pertinent information about the company and more. You may not be required to work set-hours but may be required to complete certain tasks in order to get paid.

8. Online Customer Service

 Customer service is an integral part of every industry. Many companies hire remote-employees to help handle customer service from home, and it’s becoming one of the quickest-growing typing jobs for stay at home moms out there. Customer service agents may be available to customers through real-time chat browsers that allow them ask questions. This job typically requires that you work set-hours, but companies are typically understanding of any special considerations.

9. Translation

If you can speak a second language, you should consider this transcribing job. Translating is one of the best-paying typing jobs for stay at home moms, because of simple supply-and-demand. You can usually set your own hours, so long as you meet your required deadlines, and the only equipment you need is a computer and a pair of headphones.

This job simply involves translating written or audio files from one language to another. Speaking another language is a skill that is less-often seen and is more sought-after. In addition to your language-fluency, you’ll want to ensure you have spectacular attention to detail and discipline.

Summing Up

If you’re looking to make some extra money, while still being able to stay at home and take care of your family, there are a variety of jobs out there for you. With a little organization, dedication, a computer, and a connection to the internet, you could be earning extra money in no-time. The typing jobs for stay at home moms you’ve seen here can give you the freedom you need and the ability to earn some extra income for your family.

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8 Great Part Time Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home means you spend your day taking care of everyone else and juggling numerous tasks. How would you also have the time to make money? Having only one income can be an economic hardship for some families and many stay at home moms simply miss the rewards work gives them. No matter what your reason is for wanting to get back to work, check out our list of the best part time jobs for stay at home moms.

part time jobs concept

1. Have Freedom with Freelancing

Freelancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular part time jobs for stay at home moms. It allows you the opportunity to work from home, set your own hours, and work as little or as much as you need to. Freelancing encompasses a wide array of industries as well, since many companies are turning to outsourcing tasks to freelancers or remote employees.

You could try your hand at freelance writing, blogging, web-designing, or graphic design. You could also try becoming a virtual assistant or an editor. The amount of money you make as freelancer is up to you, and it’s accommodating to a stay at home moms already-hectic schedule.

2. Work as a Substitute/Per-Diem at Local Schools

If you have a teaching background, you could become a part-time substitute. This is especially great for stay at home moms whose children are at the age to get back in school. You would be able to work while your kids are in school and be home when you need to be. Many schools also hire per-diem workers for the cafeteria, library, and other tasks when they have an immediate need to fill those spots. Per-diem workers usually work on an “on-call” system, so you won’t have a set schedule.

This is not steady work and there may be times where you need to work more than others. But if you have flexibility in your own schedule, it’s a great part time job.

3. Try Ridesharing

Ridesharing services are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great part time job, but also one of the most popular part time jobs for stay at home moms. You could work when you have the time; when the kids are in school, at night after they’ve gone to bed, or on the weekends when your spouse is home.

And ridesharing isn’t just for carting people around either. Many moms are turned-off by the prospect of ridesharing, because of the fear of driving around strangers. And since we fully understand, there are plenty of ways to use ridesharing without that danger. Ridesharing companies also hire employees for services like delivering food and flowers, groceries, or even medications.

4. Use Your Artistic and Creative Side

If you’re creative, you could use your talents to earn a little extra money. Whether you are talented in art, music, or fashion, you could use that passion to make some profit. Hobbies are a great way to earn money, but since you’re also passionate about it, the job is easier for you to do.

You could sell your products or services online, at local shows, or through various other channels. This allows you the freedom to work on your own schedule, from home, and control over how much- or how little- you work.

5. Sell Someone Else’s Products

Maybe you don’t think you’re creative, and many moms don’t have the time to be. If you’re passionate about something, you can turn that into a way to make some extra income. There are a variety of companies that pay sales representatives to sell their products. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, wellness, etc., you typically get paid a commission for the products you sell.

These part time jobs for stay at home moms mean that your income is strictly in your hands. You have control over how much you work, and most of the time, you can work from home. Many moms have become extremely successful selling products for companies, while other stay at home moms use it as a small method for earning a little pocket change.

6. Try Tutoring

Tutoring is one of most forgotten-about part time jobs for stay at home moms. Many moms are the perfect candidates to become tutors. They deal with their own children and tend to have the proper amount of patience and passion that a tutor requires. Not only is it rewarding helping a child, but it’s a great way to make some extra money.

Tutors can work for only a few hours a day, and with today’s technology, you may not even have to leave the house. You don’t have to be a genius and you can choose which topics are best-suited to your abilities. A tutor can work at a student’s home, a tutoring center, schools, or even online. The schedule could be flexible and allow you the opportunity to impact a child’s learning experience.

7. Pick Up a Class at Your Gym

Are you a yoga or Zumba enthusiast? If you enjoy your time away from the house at the gym or your favorite fitness class, try teaching a class or two. Most-often the classes can be scheduled around your needs, and you would only be required to teach a few classes each week. The pay is good and one of the best perks? It gets you out of the house, doing something you already love to do.

8. Start Housekeeping (But Get Paid for It)

Some stay at home moms loathe chores and housework, but if you don’t mind it you could use it to earn some extra money. Many housekeepers work in the early mornings or late at-night, so you could do it when the kids are asleep or your spouse is home. You could work as little or as much as you want, cleaning offices, hotels, and homes.

Summing Up

Whether you need the extra money, the freedom, or both, there are plenty of part time jobs for stay at home moms that will allow you the opportunity to make some money and still be there for your family. From creativity to cleaning, you can use your skills to find your passion in your next part time job.

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