Need To Freshen Up Your Home?

Are you a stay at home mother looking for something to do around the house? Why not tidy it up a little bit? It’s important to keep the house nice and clean, and if you have the time there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be cleaning it. Having a clean and organized house helps you to feel better and less stressed.

Whether or not your doing your weekly or monthly cleaning or the seasonal time to spring clean, buying the best cleaning supplies, that are affordable is a key element in making your home feel fresh, smell fresh, and look clean. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen, living room, there’s a supply for everything and every surface.

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Even if you don’t want to clean, you can freshen up the house with purchasing new homeware for anything, especially the kitchen or giving a room a new look with interior decorating. In most cases stay at home mothers are home for the sake of their children, so why not put them to work with some cleaning chores, or helping you decorate.

Bathroom Supplies

One of the best online resources for ordering bathroom supplies would be from ULINE. They’re quick with delivery and they have affordable products. It’s  guaranteed that they have almost anything that you could possibly be looking for. You want products that will last and not fall apart after a use or two. Reviews have stated that people have ordered from this company and they are truly quick with getting your products right to you. Also, they hold up of these bathroom products such as; cleaners, toilet scrub, floor shine, etc., has lasted quite a long time according to the reviews that were read over.


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Kitchen Supplies

Finding kitchen supplies to clean your kitchen could come from the same source, but what about if you’re looking into purchasing new kitchenware? It’s important that you keep up with new products and get rid of old ones. Out with the old and in with the new! One of the top rated sources to buy new kitchenware comes from WebstaurantStore. They carry a variety of essential supplies that you need right in your kitchen. The products are definitely reasonably priced. This resource is generally recommended for restaurants to purchase from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your kitchenware from there too! The WebstaurantStore is rated as one of the top sites to get kitchenware and even janitorial supplies from. Mainly, the holdup of these products is what’s most important, so the company always makes sure that they are made with quality.


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One customer reviewed and stated:

 “I initially stumbled upon this store when I was looking for these big glass goblets that I had seen at a Caribbean restaurant during a vacation trip. Since then, Webstaurant has become my favorite online shop for everything cooking, baking and bar related…”

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Looking into organic cleaning supplies for your home? Check out Seventh Generation! They have a wide selection of organic and natural products that are best to use when cleaning because they’re safe, especially if you have little ones. Seventh generation also has organic and natural baby products as well. Here’s a quick video from the Seventh Generation site itself, explaining their mission and why to go organic:

If you’re interested in Seventh Generation, below are some of their top-rated items:


Seventh Generation’s disinfecting wipes are their top of the line product right now.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generation’s natural laundry detergent is one of the top-rated products that they have to offer.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)


Seventh Generations naturally scented and alcohol free wipes.

Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 384 Count


Seventh Generation’s Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers. Made with no chemicals, and perfect for ones with sensitive skin.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers, Original Unprinted, Size 4, 135 Count


Seventh Generation’s Natural Unscented dishwasher detergent.

Seventh Generation Auto Dish Pacs, Free and Clear, 45 Count

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If you’re looking to get a whole bundle of things from Amazon, look to this new pantry box! All that’s required is Amazon Prime. This is an awesome way to get a bunch of things in one. Let’s say you need cleaning supplies and other items, you can pick and choose what you want to go into the box, and it’s only $5.99, which is the shipping cost. It also gets delivered right to your house! What’s better than that?

Redesign and Organize Your Home

Interior decorating is another way to spice up your home and make it feel new and fresh. This gives you an open window to be as creative as you want to be! One of the best sites to look into when planning to re-design a room would be Decorating Den Interiors. They have everything from floor covering, furniture, wall designs, bedding, etc. This would be a great idea if you were planning to redecorate a kids playroom, bedroom, or bathroom. This site offers portfolios for customers to see rooms already put together and then you can pick items that you like or may be interested in. If you can’t find a local store, you are always able to purchase items from online and get them delivered to you!

Not only does Decorating Den Interiors focus on decorating, but they also have a tab for closet and storage. They can transform any tight space into something functionable for you and of course make it look nice. If you’re having trouble finding places to store things, they also have products for this and you can find it in the same place. They have various storage shelves and cabinets that you can look through and find what would look best.

Decorating your child’s room? Check out the Children’s Rooms Archives tab. There’s various portfolios to look through if you’re looking for ideas as to how you want to decorate your rooms. They have toddler style rooms, little kids, and also styles for teens. It’s all personal preference.


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Check out this video from the Decorating Den! You can see just a view quick room portfolios, though the site has much more to offer. If you want to get in contact with someone from the Den, call 1-800-332-3367.

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Direct Sales – Offer expert coaching to increase your revenue

Is what you have to offer service-based? Do you offer your clients such things as social media marketing, virtual assistance, or content? If so, you already have the expertise to start your own coaching business.

Once you have provided your clients with quality service they will more than likely do one of two things – come back for more (so make sure youcome out with new services for them to try) or provide you with glowing recommendations. Hopefully both. Either way, it will help you to grow your business. You could even take advantage of this by offering special coaching for your loyal customers – a VIP club of sorts.

If you are going to be offering coaching, you should stick to your own niche. Offer your services to your target market or to your competitors (may seem counterproductive, but it’s not – helping those in your field will set you up as an expert in the field so it actually helps you more than it hurts you). For example, if your niche is internet marketing, you can offer your marketing skills to clients who own small businesses or you can teach other internet marketers how to do what you do. You could even do both! Just make sure that you stick to what you know and are skilled at.

Not sure about what kind of coaching you can offer to your clients? Ask them! Send them a survey asking them what you can do to help them even more. How can you improve your current offerings? Is there anything they would like to have access to that you do not offer? What problems do they have that you could provide a solution for? Once you get some feedback it will probably be easier than you think to pull together resources you already have (blog posts, articles, products, etc.) to get your coaching business off to a good start

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Direct Sales – Explode your coaching business by creating scarcity

Let’s face it – when you offer a service where you are paid by the hour, there is only so much time that you have available. That means that you have to figure out a way to maximize on the time that you do have. However, you must do this without skimping on the quality of your service.

How do you do this? Create scarcity. This tactic is a very popular one in the marketing industry. “Limited timed offer!” “Only available while supplies last!” “Offer only valid until __!” I’m sure you can think of a few examples just sitting here reading this. Why do companies use this tactic? Two words – it works! Internet marketers and big companies alike use this tactic successfully.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that scarcity in any coaching business is going to be scarce to begin with. Many people make the mistake of overestimating the amount of billable hours they will have in a week, assuming that they will have 40 hours by which to set their rate. However, when you operate your own business, not all of the work that you do will be billable.

Because of this, it is smart to calculate a reasonable number of billable hours that you could actually stick to and base your rate on that. More than likely, you will see that the number of billable hours that you have are actually pretty scarce. So now you have to work out a plan to maximize on those available billable hours. But how?

One thing that you can do would be to avoid doing just one-on-one coaching. You could set up automated email coaching programs, webinars, and small classes that enable you to coach several clients at once. Then, you would be in the position to offer one-on-one coaching as a special option for those who meet certain levels in your program’s membership.

Doing this allows you to maximize on your time while still providing quality service to your clients.

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Direct Sales – Is There Such a Thing as Frugal Marketing?

If your business is going to be successful there is no going around the fact that you will have to do some kind of marketing – and do it well. Marketing is a critical factor that cannot be ignored. Even the big businesses know it. However, unless you are wealthy, which (let’s face it, most people are not), you are not likely to have a large budget set aside for marketing efforts – at least not until your business has started experience tremendous growth. So what about the small business with a small budget? How can they make it work?

Believe it or not, it is possible. Many small businesses will go all out when it comes to advertising – allocating the larger portion of their budget to marketing efforts. They gain visibility (if they do it right, at least), but it can cut unnecessarily into their profits. Although marketing is critical, it is definitely possible to overspend on it.

In reality, marketing does not have to be very expensive. There are definitely affordable options out there. Free ones, even. They may not be as flashy as the more costly ones, but they can still be effective. Also, they can have a much higher return on investment since you are not putting out as much money.
Another mistake to avoid when it comes to marketing is to realize that it is something that you can do yourself. There is no need to hire a marketing professional or firm to handle it for you. Sure, having one is an advantage because marketing is what they do for a living. However, if you are willing to learn, you can definitely create an effective marketing campaign on your own. And save quite a bit of money in doing so.

While we are on the topic of saving money, I have to mention the fact that some marketing techniques are absolutely free. Look at how huge social media has become. If you learn how to use social media for your business, you can absolutely grow your business without coming out of pocket at all. And, of course, there is the ultimate form of advertising – word of mouth. This type of advertising is the most effective because people are more likely to buy something that a friend or loved one recommends than something that they hear about elsewhere.

So, is you are one of those who feared that your small budget would limit you drastically, rest assured that there are still viable options out there for how you can spread the news about your business.

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