How to Motivate Your Direct Sales Team

Direct sales is a business model that has proven to be successful for many decades. However, just the model is a success does not mean that everyone that tries it will be successful. That is dependent on your efforts. So what can you do to motivate your direct sales team so that you build a profitable business? Read on to find out.

What is Direct Sales?
If you have ever bought a product from a company like Avon or The Pampered Chef, you have already had experience with direct sales. Essentially, direct sales is when a company (Avon) allows people the right to sell their products for a cut of the profits. The salesperson (often called a consultant or distributor) promotes and sells the products at retail price and receive a percentage of the sale to keep (the percentage varies both from company to company and within the company). Most direct sales companies are tiered- this means that if you become a consultant, you can grow your team by recruiting other people to sell. You would then earn a commission based on your performance as well as on their performance. With that being said, it is in your best interest to do what you can to help your team to build their own successful businesses. If one person succeeds, more than likely they are helping someone else to succeed as well.

Motivational Tips for Your Team
If you are looking for ways to motivate your team to improve their performance, here are a few ideas that you can implement:

1. Weekly team meetings. Use these meetings to answer questions, address problems, reward hard work, recognize successes, and provide encouragement and inspiration.

2. Get to know their ‘why’. Find out what motivates the people on your team. Why did they get into this business? What are their long-term and short-term goals? Write this information down and have it handy for those times when they need a little reminder about why they are doing what they are doing and why they need to keep pushing.

3. Share effective strategies. Teach them what you have done that has worked well for you and your business. Lead by example. Follow the steps to success yourself. Invite them to see you in action.

4. Challenge them. Have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and or annual incentives that they can work towards. If they have an outside goal that they are trying to achieve, it may be enough to keep them going during those times when they are ready to quit. Some sample incentives would include sales, recruiting, and booking.

Remember, when your team’s businesses are growing, so is yours. So look at motivating your team as a necessary business activity. Neglect your team and you may soon find yourself without one.

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Direct Sales – Motivate Your Downline with These Tips

Direct sales is all about building relationships. There is the company-consultant relationship. There is the consultant-client relationship. And then there is the relationship between you (the consultant) and your downline. You and your downline compose a team. Having a strong team means having a successful business. Therefore, it is critical that you do what it takes to motivate your team to work at their highest potential. Their success is your success.

One important thing to remember is that success breeds success. When you are successful, your team will want to do what you are doing so they can get the same results. Be a leader. Show them what success looks like and you won’t need to do any coaxing – they will WANT to follow in your footsteps.

Enthusiasm is key. When you are excited about your company and the products that you offer, the enthusiasm is contagious. Not just to your clients, but to your team. Be excited and watch it spread.

You also want to make sure that you communicate with your team. Especially in the beginning. Make sure you connect personally with them, either vie email or phone. Show them that you are invested in them and in their business. You can also keep the communication going by having regular phone or web conferences.

It is also important that your entire team be connected. Whether you do this through creating a private website or a private Facebook group, you want to have a safe place for your team to come for advice, support, encouragement, and training.

Another great way to keep your team motivated is to inject a bit of fun. This could be in the form of contests. Not only will they be fun, but they could provide motivation o boost your team’s individual performance.

These are just a few tips for how you can motivate your team. Take the time to get to know your team and their needs – then meet them. Pretty soon you will have a strong team that is taking your company by storm.

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Six Tips for Successful Online Recruiting for Your Direct Sales Business

Although most of your recruiting in your business will come through person-to-person contact (such as through information sessions and home parties), if you do not have an online presence, you are missing out on a lot of potential recruits. Below are six things you can implement to market and recruit online and rock at it.

1. Use the Big Draw
Offer freebies! Everyone loves free things and people really enjoy free things that they can actually use. Start off by offering your target market free content such as an ebook, report, or article. However, make sure that when they opt in to receive the offer, they have to leave their contact information. This is how you build the ever important list.

2. Establish Relationships
It doesn’t matter if they found you or if you found them. It doesn’t matter if you knew them beforehand or if you ran into them (online or out in real world). If you have a recruit, you need to spend some time getting to know them. Ask questions about them. Answer the questions they pose to you. Develop a relationship with them and allow them to get to know and trust you. That way, you gain not only a friend, but possibly a new team member.

3. Have an Online Party
If you have a party plan business, why not take the party online? They take less time, the party guests feel less pressured, and they can order anytime before the deadline.

4. Write An Article
If you want to generate leads and interest, write an attention-grabbing article that is not salesy. Show them how much you know and they will view you as an expert, someone they can listen to, and someone they can trust as opposed to someone who is just trying to sell them something.

5. Use Message Boards
Find message boards where your target audience hangs out. Check out what people are saying and what their interests are. If you see someone that seems to have potential, reach out to them. If you send them a message, do NOT try to pitch them initially. This type of unsolicited email will likely get you marked as a spammer. Just shoot them a message saying hi and introducing yourself. Maybe strike up a conversation about a common interest. When they read your messages, they will likely visit the link in your signature line (you do have one, right?).

6. Better Communication
Make sure you are staying in contact with your potential recruits. You can definitely use the internet to help you with this. Through the use of emails, newsletters, and your fan page, you can keep your list up to date on the new things going on in your business.

By using these tips, you have a much greater chance of making your business work online. Try these and other tips and use the ones that work best for you.

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Making Your Direct Sales Website Search Engine Friendly

It’s time to “surf the web”. What do you do? You go to a search engine and type a target phrase into the search box. Within seconds you receive a list of websites. You begin to click on websites that interest you. Before long, you’ve found what you’re looking for. If you’re wise, you’ll make your direct sales website search engine friendly in the same way, so that you can be found when someone begins their search.

How do you make your website search engine friendly? Following are some hints to make your website easier to find.

1. Submit your direct sales website to the largest directories and search engines. Concentrate on the Yahoo! and Open Project Directory directories. Google and AOL would be good choices for search engines to target.

2. Submit just the main page of your website, not each individual page. The other pages will be found by following the links from the main page. Creating a “site map” might help the search engines find all of your links, but there’s no guarantee.

3. Choose keywords that are as specific as possible. If your direct sales companies sells educational toys, you’ll do better by using “educational toys” than you would using “toys and games” as your keywords.

4. The more websites you have linking to yours, the better your site will rank on the search engines. To get links back to your website, consider a “link exchange” campaign. Find other websites in your same niche and ask them if they would exchange links with you. If they do, both websites should benefit.

5. Your title page tag is the first thing a search engine displays, so you’ll want yours to be good. Take your time and come up with something that will explain your website.

6. Search engines, while important, are not the only way to drive traffic to your website. Consider adding a signature line to your outgoing email that includes your business email address. Write articles and submit them to various free article sites; make sure to include a bio box with your URL at the bottom. Find and post at related forums, posting your link in your signature line, if it is allowed.

7. Don’t forget about offline marketing. Have pens, business cards, and flyers printed with your direct sales business email and website. Bumper stickers might be another good bet, as well as magnets.

Creating a website isn’t that hard to do. Take some time, think things through, make a plan, and then follow it. If you have problems, you can always ask at different forums for ways to improve your search engine results. People are generally willing to help make your direct sales website search engine friendly.

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