Have you ever wondered why mommy bloggers don’t do this?

There are some things in life that go hand-in-hand.  Storm clouds and rainbows.  Puppies and laughter.  Potty training and extra laundry.

But there is one more thing that goes together quite nicely: Network Marketing and Mommy Bloggers.  So why don’t mommy bloggers promote Network Marketing?

This is a strange concept for me.  After all, the two seem as though they should go hand-in-hand.  Mommy bloggers want to make money to support their families.  Network marketing provides a steady stream of residual income.

What was wrong here???

But then I figured it out…and I’d like to tell you why, usually, mommy bloggers want nothing to do with NM, and why I have figured out a big loophole that will have you changing your mind.

The question is this: are you ready to earn some significant money on your blog?

You’re doing giveaways to get traffic, but what are you doing with that traffic when it gets there?  Its time to monetize – and monetize BIG.

With me?

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