5 Popular ABCYA 5th Grade Games

The fun and educational ABCYA online interactive games are storming the market these days! Their games capture students’ attention with fun challenges, entertaining graphics and engaging sounds. If you’re looking for a few games to entertain your 5th grade while helping them learn at the same time, look no further! These five games are some of ABCYA’s best games for fifth graders.

Must Pop Words

This is a great way for your child to practice both their spelling and vocabulary skills. Letters fall gradually into the game at different speeds and the student has to use them to form different words. If more than 50 letters drop into the game without being used, the game is over! Students have to think quick and click the letters together in the proper order to form the word.


Students love this because it requires speed and creativity. They have to beat the clock before too many letters drop in and end the game!

Clear It Multiplication

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child learns their multiplication tables! Clear It Multiplication requires players to build number sentences that equal the numbers that are displayed. There are multiple correct answers to the same problem, giving your child the opportunity to develop strategic reasoning and computational flexibility.


If you’re unfamiliar with what ABCYA is, check our our post on ABCYA Online Interactive Learning Games. We also reviewed 5 Popular ABCYA 5th Grade Games if you’re looking to keep your 5th grader learning and entertained!

Wheely 5

Wheely 5 is an absolutely adorable game where students drive a car, maneuvering around road blocks and solving logic puzzles. The graphics are well done with bright colors and the music is something you won’t mind hearing in the background as you child plays. That’s one of my favorite things about ABCYA games, the music and sound effects are subtle and not annoying to hear over and over. A welcome change from many video games!


National Flag Match

Help your child ace their geography quiz with this National Flag Match game! The premise of the game is simple, the students simply have to identify which national flag is displayed and choose the correct answer out of four multiple choice answers. As they advance through the levels, the flags come from smaller, lesser-known countries.



You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child learns to identify these flags, shaping their visual identification skills, memory, and helping them brush up to ace that geography quiz that’s coming up quickly!

Spanish Word Toss

One of the most invaluable skills your child can learn is to speak a second language. Most students are learning the Spanish language in school these days, so why not help them practice at home? If you speak Spanish, we highly encourage you to do that with your child as much as possible. It will serve them for the rest of their life, not only at school but in pursuing careers when they graduate high school or college.


Spanish Word Toss is basically exactly what it sounds like! Students select one or more categories of common Spanish words and then match them with the English words. The game is very customizable, so you can have the Spanish word displayed first and find the match in English or vice-versa. If you get ten correct answers, you choose a new dart toss. If you answer three words in a row incorrectly, you’re forced to start over with new category choices. This game will really help your child brush up on their Spanish vocabulary and honestly, it can help you too! Give it a try!

There are so many great games available for fifth graders on ABCYA.com that we have barely scratched the surface with these recommendations. Your child will love playing the wide variety of different games in so many different subjects. If you’re new to ABCYA and looking for more information, check out our post on ABCYA Online Interactive Learning Games. We also took a more in-depth look at why ABCYA is so popular and what it has to offer families. Happy learning!

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