Why Your Child Should Play ABCYA Games

In today’s technology-dominated age, it can be difficult to monitor your child’s computer and video game use. There’s so many things to worry about like if what they’re seeing is safe and appropriate for their young minds, or if the games they play will “turn their brain to mush” by the time they’re thirty-years-old. You don’t want to be the parent who doesn’t let their kid play with the technology their hear their friends talk about at school, but you also want to make sure you doing what’s best for them and their future. The good news is there is a solution to both predicaments! ABCYA is an amazing resource that we’re excited to introduce to you!


If you have a child in grades K-6 chances are that you’ve heard the buzz about ABCYA.com either from teachers at school, other Moms or maybe from your child themselves!

Why We Love ABCYA

There’s so much to love about ABCYA! Learning should be fun for our kids, and ABCYA accomplishes exactly that. It’s a great way to help your child to brush up a bit on skills that they struggle with, while making them feel like they’re playing a fun, entertaining game. You can feel good about helping them to build their knowledge while they still enjoy the process.

Teacher Created

If you’re like me, it can be frustrating trying to sort through all of the “educational” games and apps that are out on the market right now. There’s so many that it’s hard to know which ones are truly gonna teach our kids the right information. ABCYA is created by teachers for students. They saw a need for there to be games for the kids to play when they go home from school or over the weekends that are a good use of their time.


The games are designed to help students hone skills and concepts that they typically struggle with in school. There’s limited time in the classroom to help identify specific struggles for each student so ABCYA helps with that.

Budget Friendly

We all love to find budget-friendly games and activities for our kids, and this site is about as budget-friendly as you can get! ABCYA is totally free for everyone to use. The desktop version has an enormous amount of different games for each grade. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer for you child to play these games. Your kids can play for an unlimited amount of time for no fee at all. If you want them to use the site on their iPad or tablet, apps can be downloaded through the app store for a minimal fee.


Kids Love It!

Honestly, these games are so much fun! Each game is designed specifically for a grade level K-6 and they are easy for kids to understand and navigate. The levels are challenging and help students work through the steps if they’re struggling. Full of fun animations, colorful graphics and cute sound effects, these games will capture your kids attention with no problem at all!


Whether your child could use a little improvement on their sight words or learn their multiplication tables better, there’s a game to help! ABCYA specializes in math, language, and typing games. If your child is artistically inclined there’s an entire category of creative games to let them get those artistic juices flowing!

We all want our children to grow up to be as smart, talented and successful as they can possibly be. The beauty of raising a child is watching them blossom into an amazing human being. ABCYA is an amazing way to help foster their skills, improve their weak points, and give them a tool to discover new concepts they didn’t even know!

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